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Holly 12-29-2007 11:38 PM

Need ideas for my 55g
Here's what I have that I'm not willing to change:
1 common pleco
2 cories and want to get 3 more so they're a happy family

Here's what I'm looking for:
I really love the Apistos but my better judgement is telling me to wait for a bit more experience before I move to an expensive, sensative fish. I need a colorful tank since my 3 year old is really getting into fish keeping and watching them. Being a prior marine biology major, I love that he's interested not to mention that I want to support anything he's interested in. I really like the dwarf frogs and have found that they are hardy and will be fine with anything that's too big for them to eat. They're optional at this point. I've found some African Cichlids that remain fairly small, Bumble Bee is the only one I can thing of off the top of my head, and aren't too aggressive. I want an active tank on all levels which is why I'm falling in love with my cories. I have the tank planted now with a piece of drift wood since my pleco seems to really enjoy it. I learned my lesson with livebearers. I can't deal with new babies every 30 days nor I do I feel confortable buying a fish specifically to eat the babies like lfs suggested. Gouramies(sp?) are an option but I don't want to buy fish just becasue I "like" them and that was my only option. I really like Blue Rams still and think I might want to give them a try. I like angel fish also but fear it might be an expensive mistake.

My tank seems to be holding with low pH, around 6.0, and my tap is naturally hard water. Both of these things can be adjusted as needed if the right fish comes along. HELP!!!!!

Holly 12-29-2007 11:55 PM

I really like the look of gobies and scats too but haven't done any homework on them yet. See what I'm so undecieded???

Holly 12-30-2007 02:00 AM

Now that it's 3am! I've searched web site after web site in the past 4 hours so here's what I've come up with:
1 common pleco
5 cories
4 angels-Leopard Veil, Turquoise Blushing, Smokey Veil, Marble
Some combo of Flame, Pearl and Blue Gourami

I'd like to get 3 rams but think it might be overstocking a bit. Thoughts? Opinions? I'm going to bed! Night all

LincolnS 12-30-2007 07:47 AM

sorry haha didnt read the title of topic :) Tank will work out well from my opinion...dont see any problems there. Angels are interesting fish for your kid because they have different behaviors. I think this was a good choice on your part and hope it works out well for you.

Oldman47 12-30-2007 08:19 AM

Your stocking looks good except for the common pleco. They get very big, over a foot long and width to match. The bristle nose pleco has the same basic characteristics but only get to about 4 inches.

Holly 12-30-2007 10:24 AM

I know eventually he's going to have to fins a new home or I have to get a bigger tank from him. He's my sons fav and the whole reason for the bigger tank. I can't get rid of him just yet. He's about 2 years old and 7 inches long. I know the time is coming, I just keep hoping that he's not a common, I need to get his pic and post it since he might be a sailfin pleco.

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