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Tiptoes 06-11-2012 06:54 AM

Bronze cory breeding and new tank cycling
Hi I have had my 10 gallon tank up and running around 6 months now in that time my bronze corys has spawned twice currently I have got the eggs from the last spawn in a breeding net I know the eggs are fertile as I saw them doing the t position and placing the eggs on the glass its day 2 now what I want to ask is
1. I have recently brought a 20 gallon tank to upgrade to but would like to keep the 10 gallon running as a breeding tank could I take the established filter from the 10 gallon tank and run it in the new tank along the new filter would this cycle the new tank and how long does it take.
2. Would the cory eggs/fry be ok with just a sponge filter or do they require an established filter also?

Geomancer 06-11-2012 08:31 AM

Hello and welcome!

Yes, you could put the media from the 10 into the 20 to seed it. This wouldn't instantly cycle the tank, but would speed it up considerably. Still looking at a couple weeks to fully establish (only some of the bacteria is in the filter, more is in the substrate). I'd let it go a month. You could also run the 20 gallons filter media in the 10 gallon for a month to get it seeded then setup the 20. I wouldn't run both filters on one tank, too much current for the fish. Just use the media.

A fry/grow out tank does need a fully cycled aquarium. A sponge filter is great, don't have to worry about them getting sucked up and they do not make a strong current. But it still needs filtration. The fry need fed several times a day, and left over food will decay into ammonia.

Tiptoes 06-11-2012 09:40 AM

Thank you :)

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