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mysticganja420 06-10-2012 09:47 AM

Pulled out my old tank and OMG A CHIP!
Okay so for a while now i have been running my 20gllon show but recently took in a baby jack dempsey from a friend who breeds them. So i thought why not pull out my old tank(was told on here from the size i gave was prob a 53 gallon) clean it up and start getting it set up slowly. So while cleaning it after being in storage for 5 years i noticed on my right back corner near the top i has a chip that to me look to go pretty deep almost if not all the way to the coat of silicon... i filled the tank up when i first brought it out just to test it for 24 hours and it worked fine but since seeing this chip im unsure if its even safe to continue useing so here to see what you all think, here are some pics

If it is toast then i do have the stand that go's with it and am currently sanding and re-staining it, found a 55gallon top fin set up from petsmart that seems to be as long as my old tank(48" long) just not AS wide and a little taller for $200(if you go to petsmart page you can see it not sure if posting links liek that was allowed so didnt) The topfin Dimensions are 48-1/4"L x 12-3/4"W x 20-13/16". the stand i have is 50"long x 17"wide x 25"tall made out of 2x4. Will the stand still work if i were to get the new 55 i listed?

Thanks again for any advise and help love this place :)

Olympia 06-10-2012 10:10 AM

I'd be more worried about the stand personally!
I'm no expert but my 20 has a similar chip that I never noticed until it was up and it's fine. Your tank does have a brace at the top, is it sturdy? I think the brace should protect the tank..
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bohmert 06-10-2012 10:17 AM

Your camera takes great clear pics

mysticganja420 06-10-2012 01:02 PM

Okay i thought i would take a 720p video of the tank and stand to better give everyone a idea of the chip and now the stand! lol I'm still a little hesitant on wanting to move the tank in and fill it up being i do hardwood floors its all hardwood in my house and if that tank bursts from that chip it's a lot of water damage.. But on the other hand not the first time i seen/ heard of people with tanks with chips that run fine.. So here is the video and video of the tank,



Stand Sanded to see for any rot/dmg

Was also thinking i could add another 2x4 down the middle on front and back to give it even more Strength... thats about the only weak point i think there is on it when loaded with graven and rocks would that help?
Again thanks for any info and tips even more so if it saves me MONEY! :D :thankyou:

92smokeaccord 06-12-2012 09:51 AM

is the wood for the stand dry rotted in any way?if not add a few screws here and there maybe a center brace or 2 and ur for the tank it wound seem to be fine you said you had water in it and it didnt leak so thats a plus.if i were you id fill it in with pure silicone just in cause.

Geomancer 06-12-2012 10:09 AM

Personally I wouldn't use the tank. After cleaning up the dissaster of my 125 gallon cracking and draining on the floor I wouldn't be willing to try my luck.

For the stand ... if any of that is rotted, that part should be replaced. Any rotted parts will be compromised for strength. It should be at least painted, or if stained should have a few coats of poly. Stain alone won't protect the wood from moisture.

lorax84 06-12-2012 04:59 PM

I have tanks with chips like that, I use them. That is not to say there is no chance of failure but I wouldn't be that worried since it is closer to the top. I would probably fill it outside and leave it filled for a few weeks, if it doesn't leak of fail I wouldn't worry.

mysticganja420 06-17-2012 01:14 PM

Well i decided not to go with the chipped tank and started asking around between friends and long behold a friend of a friend had two 60gallon tanks he was forced to get out of because of a divorce(1 salt water tank 1 fresh water oscer tank) So offered him $50 for tank and stand he he said sounds good. tank is in perfect shape needs to be cleaned up after sitting in his garage. 1 thing i noticed is very little silicone used in the inside of the tank beside's at the top and bottom i asked the guy if it was always like this and he said yes he brought it home brand new like that... But have it filled on my back porch and has held all night with gravel and some decent size rocks in it. But of coarse i ask you all is it normal for a tank to have very little silicone?

I also found a pretty good deal on a used Cascade Canister Filter from a local pet shop i have delt with for years that the owner has gone through and tested. I norm. Dont mess with used stuff but since i ahve known the owner for 15 years its hard to pass up for $50. I think it's a 1000 or a 1200 forget but going to pick it up later today. Are these good canister filters? have they been known to have lots of problems? Thanks again for the advice and help and soon will eb starting a new thread probably called Operation 60gallon :P to show the progress of the new tank. I have also shot a video of the new tank/stand to get your input :D thaks again

mysticganja420 06-17-2012 08:25 PM

The new tank with the new(used) Cascade canister filter running(with nothing inside) to test the tank and pump for 24h so far only prob. im having is the instake line keeps pinching semi closed... will cutting to fit when the time comes fix this? or is there any other tricks to go. For the height its going to have to sit outside the stand so cant take 2 much off.. Also the lack of silicone on the inside still bugs me is this okay?

eug 06-18-2012 05:57 AM

Can you take a close-up shot of the silicone seams on the inside? I think it's hard for anybody to say from just reading your description- there are, according to my research, several viable ways of making the silicone joints in a tank:

Version A is the one most commonly seen in commercial tanks I believe, and sometimes manufacturers will put an extra bit of silicone around the inside corner like in version C (my tank looks like C). Probably more important than the method used is the quality of the work.

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