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fry1goat 12-28-2007 06:58 PM

Hi guys,
I havent posted on here in ages. A wonderful thing has happened!! My wife went out and got me a new tank for the local fish guy. She went out and got me a 75 gallon tank. She also got me a underwater fluval filter. Never had one of those kinda filters. Anyhow I am so excited. So Im going to retire one of my 45 gallon tanks now. Anyhow does anyone have any helpful hints with this new tank? I know for sure Im going to move all my catfish over to that tank. My wife wants to also put our 5 angel fish in there. Does anyone have any ideas? between the two 45 gallon tanks I have the following:

5 Angel Fish
4 Jewel Tetras
2 Black Skirt Tetras
2 Rosey Barbs
2 Mollies
1 Blue Gourmi
1 Eridecent Shark
1 Green Spotted Puffer
2 Common Plecos
2 Orange Gourmis
2 Lace Catfish
2 Pictus Catfish
2 Blue Channel Catfish
1 Updside Down Catfish
1 Spotted Raphael Catfish
1 Striped Raphael Catfish
1 Columbian Shark
1 African Bumble Bee Catfish
1 Red Tail Catfish
1 Batasio batasio Catfish
1 Blue Gourmi
1 Blood Fin Tetra
1 Baloon Molly

Can anyone give me some ideas what out of these fish to place in my 75 gallon?

SeaSerpant 12-28-2007 08:13 PM

I have to say thats a huge list but in my tank i have a nice variety. in my signature i have what i have in my tank. it is 55g just like yours and is doing horribly because my parameters are horrible but my fish are perfectly fine.

Jasey 12-28-2007 10:12 PM

I don't have experience with catfish but I know that plecos can get big. I think it would be a good idea to put the plecos inside the 75 gallon tank. Congrats on getting it, too. It sounds like it will be a fun project to get everything decorated, etc.

If you do put the angelfish and catfish together it might be a good idea to check their compatibility. This may help:

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