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LyzzaRyzz 06-07-2012 10:16 PM

How long to leave crayfish molt?
My crayfish molted and i was wondering how long to leave the shell in there?

[to the other member who said he might be ready to molt, you were right!]

i did a 30% w/c when i saw, and now im not sure what to do. I know they eat it to regain calcium and minerals, and to not take it out, but wont it cause a severe ammonia spike?

I have some guppies i wanted to put in there [as feeders, if he can catch them] but didnt, cause i didnt want them to be harmed by the ammonia spike.

jaysee 06-09-2012 12:48 PM

I thought so. Leave it in there - it will eat it all, even little pieces, within a few days. Do not feed the cray until it's gone and the cray is out and about in the tank. Once you suspect it is going to molt, stop feeding and do not resume till after the shell is gone and the cray is back to exploring the tank.

There is not going to be a severe ammonia spike, or any ammonia spike.

Olympia 06-09-2012 01:25 PM

There won't be ammonia at all from it- the shell is made from calcium carbonate, the same thing as the crushed coral people use as substrate.
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LyzzaRyzz 06-10-2012 02:25 AM

Huh! That's good news!
He actually ate all of it! I was surprised, it was pretty big!
He's moving around now, popping bubble on the surface...

I'm really glad I don't have to worry about ammonia spikes. Does this go for shrimp too?

Olympia 06-10-2012 08:50 AM

Yep, crabs, crayfish, shrimp, it's all the same!
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LyzzaRyzz 06-10-2012 06:14 PM

I hadent seen an ammonia spike, but im always afraid one testing, there itll be!

You guys are so helpful, thank you!

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