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rahmanyarahman 06-07-2012 05:31 PM

Dwarf gourami compatible with certain tetras...
hi everyone...
I have a 20 gallon that is fully cycled *very* mature tank that currently houses only 2 black widow tetras and one other tetra..looks a bit like a black neon but it's a different kind,I need to research it.
I know thatr tetras like to be in schools.Would it be a good idea to stock the tank this way?

5 black widow tetras(These two have lived together for years quite happily. I doubt they really need a school of 10.)
5-6 mystery tetras
2 dwarf gouramis

I love dwarf gouramis. Actually I have a fondness for gouramis in general,but I've been researching these little guys and thought they might be a good fit-peaceful,hardy,colorful. But is this overstocking?Or are the tetra's need and the gourami's needs too different?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Ok. Weeeeell, I'm not worrying that much about the Dwarf Gourami hardiness. I know a good aquarium fish shop "Blue Sierra" and I think I can trust them to get me some healthy specimens.Although,the part about havig 2 dwarf gfouramis is a bit worrying. I
ll try to get a male/female if I must.How's having one dwarf gourami?

Andarial 06-07-2012 05:44 PM

I can't comment on the overstocking, since I suck at the stocking thing. But I can say that I'd think they'd be compatible. But please remember dwarf gourami are not really all that hardy unless you get a healthy fish in the very beginning which is hard to find, as they tend to carry a disease that is highly contagious to most other fish you can read about it in the Dwarf Gourami Tropical Fish Profile we have. Also I wouldn't have a pair of them in a twenty gallon unless it was female/male, or possibly female/female, the males tend to be territorial toward each other.

Varkolak 06-14-2012 04:57 PM

IF you decide against Dwarf Gourami look into Honey Gourami and you dont run the risk of dwarf gourami iridovirus. I love the look of mine and the yellow/red would look good with black tetras. If you want 2 get a male and female, otherwise stick to the lonely male with either type of gourami

Byron 06-16-2012 04:46 PM

I agree on the Honey Gourami. The dwarf unfortunately is a fish that to be honest one should not even consider these days. There is the health issue, but there is also the compatibility side, and the honey is much more accomodating for a gourami.

As noted in our profile of the Honey, you can have a small group in a planted 20g tank. Perhaps a male and 2 females, or two males and three females.

But I would not keep the Black Widow tetra with any gourami. This species is known to nip fins and in a large group (8 or more) in a much larger tank than a 20g, it might work, but not in a 20g with a sedate fish like a gourami which is too much of a temptation. If you can return it, or give it to someone, have a look at the Black Phantom Tetra. This is a gem, with similar blackish colouration, and a group of 7 would be nice.

The other tetra I can't say without knowing the species (any chance you could post a photo?).

Tetra in general can be risky with sedate fish; characins have teeth, and they are fond of using them.:-)


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