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FishinShar 06-07-2012 01:30 PM

First pond tub w/plants and fish but TOO HOT?...
I'm years of tropical fish keeping indoors, however I got into the pond tub thing over the winter, ran out and bought a nice approx. 3x3 or a little bigger, red square plastic storage tub. I have a water lily, several floating groups and more across the top. No filter but doing some water changes at maybe 2-3 inches each time every third day or so. I run a water bubbler up on a couple rocks like a waterfall within the tub but do turn it off at night. I got 5 guppies and 2 platies free from store a couple weeks ago - free- as they were babies actually. Now we are June, 50-60's at night and this weekend in Chicagoland will be low 90's during the day.They get from 6a.m. to 2p.m. of sun, which from reading and plant people say is perfect. Now the fish seem well, I add some food each day and now they come to me to eat it also, but I'm suddenly worried I'm going to roast the fish as the water feels like a bathtub the past couple afternoons. What limit of heat does a gup have? I do plan on bringing them in probably in September. What do you think..the right fish or not?

1077 06-07-2012 02:15 PM

I believe the platies will be the ones most affected negatively by warm temps.
Guppies can tolerate 80 to 84 degrees F but I might look to see if I could not move the tub to where the sunlight they recieved was mainly in the morning before it get's too warm.
I set up similar tub last year on patio that got full sun from 9 am on and guppies did fine until outdoor temps reached 98 to 102 degrees F and then all but one large female roasted:-(

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