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MKSII 12-27-2007 11:35 PM

How much substrate will I need?
Tank will be 72 l x 24 w. I am going to have it planted as well, and would like a little extra substrate to make it have a little fluctuation in elevation. Since it will be some substtrate like Eco or similar, I just dont want to or have the $ to buy a bunch of extra. Plus will most likely order off the web, so returns will be a PITA.[/list]

caferacermike 12-28-2007 09:56 AM

The last planted tank I did I laid down substrate ribbon heaters first, then a 2" layer of soil, a thin layer of peat, about an inch of sand to prevent the soil from degrading and moving to the tank, and an inch of laterite AKA flourite to keep the minerals up for the plants. This method you must use tweezers to plant so as not to disrupt the layers.

Based upon a general cubic foot of sand being about 90lbs, my math would lead to 90 lbs per inch of wanted substrate in your tank of 72x24.

Holly 12-28-2007 05:10 PM

I would go for at least 3 bags of flourite and a thin layer of whatever gravel you choose. I learned the hard way that flourite is the just about required for a planted tank. I tried when I was a newbie to get away wihtout it, I actualy didn't it exsited, and I went throught so many plants dying and I couldn't figure out why. Well once I upgraded, which is harder to do once the tank is established, the plants grew great and I actually had to seperate them and give half away. I didn't look to see where your at but I have a bunch of gravel/sand/pebbles that I'm going to get rid of. If you want to pay to have it shipped, I'll send you what I got to help make the financial aspect a bit easier. It's tough putting a tank together, I'm still working on getting my 55g the way I want it.

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