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GwenInNM 06-05-2012 05:36 PM

Any experience with the Marineland LED ?
I just received the Marineland single bright light I ordered on Amazon. I thought (by the reviews) it would put out more light in my 30 gallon. I'm planning on making it a brackish tank, so I won't be growing lots of plants, but would like to grow java fern/moss and we'll see if my vals can survive :)

Anyone have thoughts on this light? I don't understand what the 400 lumens tell me? I'm wondering if I should return this, and pay another $20 for the "double bright"?


dlambert 06-05-2012 07:54 PM

my 29 gallon has this Marineland LED Aquarium Light .. it definitely says fish only.. but my java ferns are doing well (much new growth.. "1 plant" was actually three pieces and even the one with no leaves/roots has grown up to my delight :) ..also a small grass- not sure which kind- my jewels uprooted it and left it hanging, but it is still doing well.. after pulling it out of the gravel they left it alone.. so i just let it be.. anyway lighting does not seem to be an issue.. i do leave the light on long.. often 12- 15 hours... i turn it on when i leave in the morning and then i am very reluctant to shut it off during prime fish watching hours when i get home.. anyway i think the single bright you bought is a step up from mine so it should be fine for java ferns :)

Geomancer 06-06-2012 06:54 AM

They are the right spectrum for growing plants, I don't remember exactly but they are either 6500K or 6700K which is perfect.

However, as you point out their lumen rating is very low.

As a comparison, an 18" T8 6500K tube is 700 lumens.

I think you'll be fine with Java Fern and Moss. Both are low light plants. The Vals I think are low light too.

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