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lost d plot 12-27-2007 04:22 PM

Synodontis granulosus Ph Question
My LFS has 4 Synodontis granulosus..

I want to get one but online info says Ph 7.8 to 8.5...

They are keeping them at pH 7 and they say I am ok to do this also????

Will he be happy in my tank (Ph 7)?


herefishy 12-27-2007 07:04 PM

These fish are from the Rift Lake area of Africa. Their home water is highly alkaline, pH of 7.8-8.4. They will do ok in neutral water, but would thrive at higher levels. The great thing about fish from this area is that most are highly adaptable. I would try to raise the pH by filtering over coral, maybe even add crushed coral as a substrate.

caferacermike 12-28-2007 09:59 AM

The only thing I'd add to what was said, is that I'd ask what fish you currently have. If you have a lot of S. Americans I'd probably pass on the fish if you planned to raise the PH. I keep my S.American plecos at 6.0 and I know they would be irritated in water above 7.4. So think about what you already have.

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