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Cassandra32 06-03-2012 03:49 AM

Aggressive Guppy...
Hey guys,
I've had my tank for about two months, and among other fish I had four male guppies of varying sizes. About two weeks ago, one of my medium sized guppies stressed the largest one to the point where it was unable to get any rest and died...I've noticed that in the last few days the medium sized guppy has now started to harass one of the other medium sized guppies. That guppy now has a swollen stomach, enlarged eyes and is pretty much swimming on the top of the water..I've taken the aggressive guppy out of the water to try and give the unwell looking one a chance (and to make sure the aggressive one wouldn't move onto the next guppy should it kill the medium one while I wasn't watching). I'm just wondering if this is a common guppy trait? I'm hoping I can return the troublemaker to where I purchased him...I really love the way they look so I'm gutted by this! Are there any other fish that are as attractive and active as these fish that I could maybe switch to?

Chesh 06-04-2012 08:41 AM

There are a few questions that come to mind when I read your question. . .

First is; How many guppies do you have, and do you know how many male guppies you have vs female guppies? And what are the genders of the fish that is causing the problem, and those that are being picked on? If you aren't sure, a picture would help me figure out what you have exactly. . .

Second, how long has your tank been set up, and how long have these particular fish been living there? Can you post your water parameters, in case this is an issue with the water?

Third, What types of ornaments do you have (again, a picture of the tank might really help) - do you have any plants? What I'm trying to figure out is if the guppies are out in the open, or if they have plenty of hiding places. If they don't have a place to retreat, they'll be stressed - and the 'victim' won't have anywhere to go to escape the 'bully.'

Cassandra32 06-04-2012 03:43 PM

Hi Chesherca,
I had four guppies, all of which are male, including the bully. My tank has been set up for about two months now and the guppies were introduced to the tank after a week of it running with most of my other fish that are in there.

I've just been into my local pet store and had my water tested as I was worried about that and it came back all perfect..I don't know the parameters myself but the store assistant said it was perfect and didn't try to sell me any chemicals or anything so I'll believe him lol.

I don't have a picture of the tank...have to find my camera lol. But my tank has a barrel at the bottom and has two clumps of plants at opposite corners of the tank. I wouldn't say they have plenty of hiding spaces atm. Whenever the now-dead guppy moved about wherever it was hiding the bully would get there pretty quickly! I've now had the other guppy die, the other medium sized one that was looking a bit sickly the other day :(

Fishpunk 06-04-2012 03:52 PM

Problem with telling you the water is "perfect" is that perfect is relative. Water that is perfect for guppies will kill some apistos. When you take your water in,you really need to get the numbers, not just a nod and a smile. Better still, invest in a test kit and learn to use it. It will last you a very long time.

So, assuming your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels are "perfect," what is the hardness and pH. The store won't give you hardness, that's a titration that takes a bit of time, but the pH you should know. Guppies will suffer in a low pH, soft water environment.

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