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garryp 06-02-2012 11:14 AM

power filter->canister->trim->crash
Trying to keep this short.

I decided to replace rwo Emperor HOB filters on my planted 75 gal. tank because of noise and because it seemed that every time I touched a filter it regurgitated more stuff into the tank than it collected.

I intstalled a new SunSun 404B (2000l/hr with 9W UV). Things went normally ok for two days, params looked like no impact on the change. I incorporatedd some biomass in the 4th tray of the cannister that was retrivedd from the emperors.

Then (i.e. two days after filter change) I made a major trim on the overgrown plants.

Tank crashed! Everything stressed, some that were smart enough gasping at the surface. Tests indicated no ammonia, nitrate, nitrite issues. I quickly instituted remedial: a water change, O2 insertion, Stability dose, circulation pump addition, ceased CO2 injection, and crossed my fingers and toes.

The distress/gasping proceeded through the day. To my amazement overnight I lost only one fish (a sailfin molly) of 40 fish in the tank. This population has happily cohabited for over two months, with the tank total span being 4 months.

All survivors are now perky, wagging their tails for food! Remedial actions are still in place, though I want to remove them today.

BIG Q: What happened? I have read of release of gas (H2S I think upon disturbing substrate. Though most of my trimming was cutting floating plants, I did dislodge and discard a large fern with copious roots pulled from the substrate.

marshallsea 06-02-2012 04:47 PM

sorry thats above me. when somethings going on you cant figure out the best thing you can do is daily water changes 50%. thats usually at least part of the solution if not all.

Byron 06-04-2012 10:23 AM

This is difficult to pin down. More info on the tank would help. Fish load (sdpecies and numbers), plant species and approximate number, frequency of water changes and volume, do you vacuum the substrate, what depth is the substrate, is it gravel (and pea, fine, ...) or sand? What water conditioner? You did remember to use it the first time this occurred? Any other substances going in the tank? GH, pH and temp?

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