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rhymon78 05-31-2012 07:25 AM

Warning on Asian imported plants....
Apparently over here in uk there has been some ban, or red tape been placed on importing plants, especially amazon swords from certain places in Asia, I think they mentioned Singapore as one destination, but I could be wrong.

The reason being apparently these plants have been found to be carrying eggs of some kind of parasitic worm that can infect the fish.

Just thought I'd mention it, I'm no expert on these matters, just passing on what I heard.

Byron 05-31-2012 10:58 AM

I did read something on this a few months back, but now I can't find it. It was in PFK magazine. If I manage to track it down I'll post; the danger was real enough.

Chesh 07-16-2012 11:56 PM

Interesting. . . I haven't heard of the worm, but I DO avoid getting plants from Singapore because they have to attack the poor things with every type of de-bugger known to mankind in order to get them across the border (here into the States, anyway). This is kind of a good thing, since you don't end up with ANY LIVING THINGS on your plants, but bad because many of the substances they use are actually outlawed here, and most of them are very harmful to shrimp and snails. Obviously. . . they kind of have to be! The trouble is that traces of many of these chemicals remain on the plant for quite some time after the dipping, so when people get these plants and plop them into their tank without QTing them first, all of their snails and shrimp go belly up in record time. One more reason to add to the list of why we should always, always, always QT EVERYTHING!

Like you, I'm no expert on these matters, just passing on what I've read in various places - it seemed to fit into this thread. Hopefully someone out there will read these postings and proceed with caution. Always best to buy locally from a trusted source. Too bad that's so difficult to do sometimes!

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