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GThiele113 12-25-2007 11:05 PM

New equipment purchases
I am going to change my plain 125 gallon into a planted tank. Right now my lighting is to week and Im looking into upgrading a few things.Lighting,Filter,CO2 system,substrates. ETC. I want your absolute ideas on the product i should go with and if i missed anything can you point it out

I need the following suggestions on these following products

Light Fixture and bulbs
CO2 system
Ventilation Fans
base layer(larite, Fertlizer)

I really don't want to spend over $1,000

Is there anything i left out for starting up a planted tank

herefishy 12-26-2007 12:37 PM

Fans may or may not be needed, it depends upon the heat generated by the lighting. I use T-5 high output lighting an my large planted tanks. I purchased these fixtures from I did change my bulbs to a bulb that had a sprectrum more condusive to plant growth.

I use EcoComplete substrate for planted tanks. Purchased at the same site. As was the CO2 system. It cost about $149 for the bottle rig. There is also a paintball tank version.

Filtration is a little on the cotroversial side as I am using (4)Marineland 1140 powerheads running reverse flow on a ugf, along with (2)Fluval 4+ internal power filters, (2)Emperor 400 external power filters, and (2)new Magnum 360 canisters. No carbon in any of the filters. I use a filter media and bio-balls or bio-stars.

C02 is delivered through a wooden bubbler "stone". Ceramic would also work here.

All the above items were purchased at the same place as all of the rest.

GThiele113 12-29-2007 05:17 AM

The filter I want is

On top of my two power filter rated for 75 gallons each

The lighting I want is

Holly 12-29-2007 11:07 AM

I used Flourite in my tank when everything was dying and it worked great. Within a month all my plants that were dying doubled in size. I constantly kick myself for not waiting to get more in before I set up my new tank and used the Eco Complete stuff since that was all the store had and I thought it would work the same. A month later, I'm loosing plants again.

GThiele113 12-29-2007 06:49 PM

Alright I'm already in the process of buying the stuff.

I'm ordering the retrofit sunpaq kits lights.

Also I'm ordering the filter with it.


I'm going to buy 110 oz of Latrite as my fertlizer I'm going to mix it will 300 pounds of playsand.

Next thing I'm going to buy is the CO2 system but that will be almost $300 so I'm waiting on that.

Its going to have to happen in steps.

First the lighting and the filter
The new and old lighting combined comes up to 3.5watts per gallon! That's great.

Plus filter on top of my old power filters comes out to the possiblity to filter 300 gallon tank

The next step would be in a couple months(2-3)

The latrite and play sand would be $50

300 pounds of play sand from home depot or ace hardware or lowes. Cost $24

Latrite on line cost about $17 for 110 Oz reccomended for 1oz a gallon.

Maybe a CO2 system within the year

I will see about the CO2 but is it needed?

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