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jasmeena 05-29-2012 08:26 AM

memorys of lost ones
i used to have a lovely guppy called sunshine. one day she became very ill and would not be able to make it. so when she started tossing and bashing i knew it was time. i put her in a bucket that we use to clean the fish tank with. but mom said that the tanks needed to be cleaned. i totaly forgot that a dieing fish 'jumps' and put her in a cup with no lid. then five hours later i looked and saw she was not there. i looked in every place i could and after half and hour gave up and settled on the fact that she must have been eaten by the cat or the dog. i took the cup away and lol and behold my litle darling had died without water. i know she was dieing anyway but i did not stop me thinking that she might have had a death of peace rather than suffering. another time was with a baby called lucky. she jumped out when she was a newborn and had almost been squished alive when the guppy tub fell on her. she died two months after that. but the most saddest thing was when glossy died i saw a cloud in the sky that looked just like her. yesterday i was upset and was crying near the guppy tank when a guppy that was dieng of dropsy went to the top of the tank and ate some food. she seemd to be saying: stop that sobbing your not the one dieng here! she knows that she cant live long so she has been liveing the short bit of life she has as happy as she can. if anyone has a story to tell they are welcome to say it here.

eaturbyfill 06-17-2012 03:33 PM

I am very sorry to hear about your loss.

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