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aspinn 12-24-2007 12:29 AM

Getting my tank in jan!! So many questions!
What do i need to get for test kit (as in what do i have to test for... i know ph and??) gunna be starting my cycle in january /cheer and were headin down to vancouver so im gunna pick up some supplies and such =) woundering what i should look for.... (as in a list of things i will need to test)

My other questions are:

1. what is a good brand for water conditioner?
2. whats a decent brand for a filter (its a 44 gallon tank)
3. lastly what is a decent brand for a heater

Can anyone recommend some realible names for those? i dotn want to buy somthing that wil break/only do a half ass job lol

thank you!

herefishy 12-24-2007 12:49 AM

There are many good, reliable manufacturers for all of the accessories you have named. I would check . There are a couple of things I want to stress to you. 1.) You get what you pay for. There are many products that are low priced for a reason -- low quality. 2.) PATIENCE Take your time. Go slow. Let the situation dictate what happens next. A great example of this would the cycling of the tank. Just take your time.

caferacermike 12-24-2007 08:38 AM

1, Seachem Prime is my favorite dechlor, then I use Amquel Plus. Prefer RO/DI water over any dechlorinator.

1 A. Seachem and Salifert make about the most useful "hobbyist" test kits. Salifert is often hard to find and I've seen a lot of their reagents "out of date". They come a long ways to the States and then are redistributed. The reagents are very sensitive and can become useless if not used within a prudent period of time. There are other much better brands marketed by Tunze and Deltec but the prices are out of this world. Brands like Tetra and API are good for reference but I wouldn't bet the farm on them for accuracy. I use API for a couple of reasons. First you can buyt he "professional" for under $100. That's most every test you'd ever need and packed in a plastic tool box. Once I establish that my tank is running in a healthy manner I take a reading once a week and jot down the results on paper. Now I don't regard the results as accurate at all. Instead what I do is look for changes in the results over time. If something in my tanks look different or out of the ordinary, I can glance back at my "levels". They should be pretty consistent. If any of them have changed then I can realize that I might have a problem. Merk, Deltec, Tunze, Seachem, Salifert provide close to laboratory results. API, Tetra and some of the others can be useful guides.

2, Filters, I'd go for an Eheim 2217 classic for a 44g. There is plenty of room to keep things clean and plenty of room for lots of carbon. You'd probably only need to clean it once every 2-3 months on a tank of that size. You could get the 2215 or an Ecco 2236 but I'd just go for the big one. Not only will a 2217 provide excellent, unmatched, quality, value, and dependability but it will also provide another excellent source of water movement in the tank. I much prefer Eheim to any other canister brand. Fluvals are a joke. The plumbing they come with is this flimsy plastic hose that splits at all the seams, not to mention the gawdawful ugly tank harnesses and all those ridiculous zip ties. The bodies are made from a thin hard plastic that over times degrades and becomes brittle (I've heard stories from LFS about them splitting in the body for no reason after about 3 years.), not to mention the fact that they are not clear. Eheim are the only manufacturers that use real acrylic that you can see into. This allows you to quickly view the filter and it's need for a cleaning. Rena filters come with tacky plastic hose clamps that fail and leak, plus they are noisy. For the little bit of extra cash I say go with the design that has not changed in 30 years. That's right the parts from a 30yo unit can still be replaced and keep on running.

3. A known quality heater is Ebo-Jager. TopFin are known to fry tanks.

SeaSerpant 12-24-2007 09:46 AM

1.aquaplus it's good and works really well. (for beneficial bacteria use cycle)
2.fluval it is nice and when you have it up and running there should be no problems.
3 i don't really know :lol:

Falina 12-24-2007 09:50 AM

Think the only part of your questins that hasn't been answered yet is what you need to test for. Always test for amonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph. Kh and gh are useful to test fro as well but not so necessary as the 1st 4. Whatever you do, in terms of a test kit, don't get the strips, they're very inaccurate, so much so, you're pretty much as well not testing at all than use them.

dodgeboy 12-24-2007 10:06 AM

check out prices seem a bit cheaper and they will price match. i ordered a rena from petsolutions, seemed like a good price then was told about big als, sure enough $20 bucks cheaper. don't know about shipping prices. trevor

aspinn 12-24-2007 10:46 AM

aye thank you so much guys! =) not sure if i may have enough $$ to go for a canister filter =( but ill definatly look into them! thank you all of you =) and aye were leaving tommorow (yup i get to spend all xmas day in the car -.- 12h drive) so hopfully while im down there ill find somthing =D.... once again thanks!!! and have a great xmas guys (and if anyone else wants to add anything feel free to ill check it when i get back... have a great christmas guys! and newyears probably lol =) thx!

caferacermike 12-24-2007 01:46 PM

A poor quality canister is still better than high quality HOT.

Holly 12-28-2007 05:23 PM

The best place I've found to purchase anything for my tank has been Gret service, awesome prices and checp shipping. I couldn't have afforded half the stuff I have for my tank if I bought it in the stores.

Little-Fizz 12-29-2007 01:34 AM


Originally Posted by dodgeboy
check out prices seem a bit cheaper and they will price match. i ordered a rena from petsolutions, seemed like a good price then was told about big als, sure enough $20 bucks cheaper. don't know about shipping prices. trevor

I agree with this. I buy everything from Big Al's. But I see your from Canada. So find the canadian big als site. Or I guess I could find it for you. But yeah... I made the mistake of looking at the american one and then going to mine... This was when the canadian dollar was wayy higher too and big als was doing some bull crap sales thing for it. And there was a HUGE price difference. As in it costed like... I think 11 - 13$ more then I thought it would.

Lmao DUHHH Instead of .com you put .ca Lol who would have thought? :doh!:

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