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redchigh 05-26-2012 12:05 PM

Flea infestation. Any ideas?
I have 3 kittens and 3 adult cats, and they are not allowed in my bedroom. I left for a brief vacation, and somehow, my bedroom is infested with fleas.

The preplexing part is that I've spotted the occasional flea on the kittens (who until this week were too young to treat with anything), but I never have fleas jump on me in any other room.

If I take one step into my bedroom, I'm swarmed by so many, I can feel them landing on my legs- literally dozens a minute. I knock them off and shut the door, and so far have prevented the infestation from spreading... Anyone have any ideas that won't affect my 4 aquariums in the room?

Also, does anyone know any good reliable brands of flea collars?
Thanks for you responses, I'm tired of sleeping on the couch.

Pearl2011 05-26-2012 01:08 PM

Wash anything (sheets, pillow cases, etc. . .) that can be washed, hopefully that will kill some off. But a sheet or something on top of the tank should prevent them from getting in (just an idea).
Hope you can get rid of them, maybe getting a flea killer that kills adult larvae and eggs would be the best.

Boredomb 05-26-2012 09:17 PM

I have used Borax in the past for a cheap solution. How to Use Borax to Get Rid of Fleas Safely |

Hanky 05-27-2012 12:01 AM

Best thing to do is get "Advantage" from your veternarian, it seems expensive but does the trick, we have 3 dogs 3 cats and no fleas, We buy the bottles for large dogs they charge the same price for small bottles so get the large bottles for dogs, put 1 drop of Advantage for each pound of cat ie. a 9 lb cat gets 9 drops,

Closing a door will not stop fleas they will jump on you and be carried around the house or jump around on their own, flea powders and collars only work to a certain point, fleas need dogs and cats to live by treating the animal you break the cycle, it may take a month or so but they will be all gone. I've known people who have flea bombed the heck out of their house only to have them back in a week.

jaysee 05-27-2012 12:27 AM

Flea collars work by emitting a poisonous gas....

When I moved into my current place, the previous tenants had a dog, and the apartment had fleas. It took the exterminator 4 visits to get rid of them, bombing 3 times. I think the area under the fish tanks kept them alive. Well, the first time I turned off all the filters and went crazy ductaping trash bags over all the tanks. By the 3rd time, all I did was lay the bags on top of the tanks - kept the filters running. No tape, no nothing. No problem. Don't drive yourself crazy.

There are 4 stages of a fleas life, and the larvae can live in the carpet for over a year. It's very important to familiarize yourself with their life cycle, especially if you are going to handle it yourself.

Oh yeah - I agree with hanky - I've had 9 dogs over the years and have never had fleas. Advantage works.

Hanky 05-27-2012 11:59 AM

alot depends on where you live as well, I live in a four seasons climate so when we get our hard freeze during winter it kills off fleas outdoors, I understand people in warmer climates must battle them all year long. which ever route you take get on it and good luck as you can tell by Jaysee they can be persistent little buggers.

Stormfish 05-27-2012 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by Hanky (Post 1096805)
Best thing to do is get "Advantage" from your veternarian, it seems expensive but does the trick, we have 3 dogs 3 cats and no fleas, We buy the bottles for large dogs they charge the same price for small bottles so get the large bottles for dogs, put 1 drop of Advantage for each pound of cat ie. a 9 lb cat gets 9 drops,

Advantage contains formaldehyde. I strongly suggest you stop using it. It's not just toxic to fleas, but to you and your pets as well. If you have kids, even worse for them to be exposed to.

I do not treat my dogs for fleas with a preventative. I look through their fur and not once in 6 years have they gotten fleas. If they did, I would have them treated. I also don't use those awful heartworm prevention pills since they're also highly toxic. I have them tested yearly for heartworm instead. No heartworm so far, but again, if either got it, it would be treated accordingly.

I don't mean to get preachy about this stuff, but I work for an advertising company that deals with the manufacturers of a lot of this stuff. I work on the monographs, the advertisements for vets and public alike. Vets get special incentives for selling this stuff to pet owners. The ethical vets treat animals like I do (actively rather than proactively). The unethical will guilt trip you into buying the crap.

As for the OP's flea infestation, that sucks! Had it happen once when a stray cat chewed its way through the screen in my kitchen window and came in. I ended up spraying all the carpeting and soft furnishings down with a nasty chemical flea killer I bought at the vet's office. Be warned: it can cause an allergic reaction in animals and humans alike. But it did work.

redchigh 05-28-2012 12:15 PM

The ones I catch, I usually drop them in my fish tank. The fish find them delicious. I do live in the south, but fleas are usually only a big problem in the summer. So far, they are totally contained in my room, and no warm-blooded animals go in there...

I'm actually on a really limited budget- I've used frontline before and it worked wonders, but that's interesting about the formaldehyde. I've heard Eucalyptus can repel fleas too, and it's quite safe. (as long as no one's allergic). Eucalyptus has worked before... I just can't find any locally this time. I might look into the borax.. Thanks.

jennesque 05-28-2012 09:42 PM

Do not, do not, do not use Advantage or any other flea medication for dogs on cats. It is deadly. What stormfish said it something I agree with as well, but do not use dog stuff on cats because that is a warning printed on the packaging.

Anyways, some cheap, easy ways to eliminate fleas are to wash everything you can. If you have a cannister vacuum, put a couple flea collars in it and vacuum with that. If you put a shallow dish full of soap water in the dark with a light shining over it, the fleas will jump into the water and die. You can also wash animals with something like Dawn dish soap.. some people disagree with this because it's got got chemicals, but regular flea shampoos are super bad for the environment so I feel like Dawn is a better alternative. (seriously, read the label.. it says not to wash it down the drain because it will kill fish). You can also sprinkle something like salt or diatomatious earth on carpets and vacuum it up a couple days later.

If you decide to get a flea spray for the house, get a good one.. make sure it says it lasts 3-6 months and kills all stages of fleas.
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