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Akeath 05-25-2012 01:52 PM

Wound on Cory?
When I turned on the lights today I found one of my Panda Cories on the floor of the tank with a wound on his side. I'm assuming its a wound, but I'm not sure if it could be disease related or not. A while ago I had been having trouble with internal parasites, could this be related to that? Or is it something different? Here is a picture:
One thing with this picture, that yellow is just the camera playing tricks, its actually all red...I don't know why the photo turned out like that

Shortly after this picture was taken, he died.
The tank is 75 gallons. I just did a round of testing, Ammonia is 0 ppm, Nitrites is 0 ppm, Nitrates are between 20 ppm and 40 ppm, which is really high for this tank (I've been feeding some brine shrimp I've been hatching recently and am still getting used to amounts) pH is 6.6, temperature is 76 degrees. It is home to 10 Panda Cories (8 adults and 2 fry, not counting the recently deceased), 11 Harlequin Rasboras & 1 Espei Rasbora, 12 Gold Tetras, 11 Dwarf Neon Rainbows, 1 male Bristlenose Pleco, and 1 Neon Tetra fry. I'm going to do a partial water change to get the Nitrates down now, and I also just finished a head count and observation of all the other fish - everyone seems healthy, and no one else has any wounds or marks or anything unusual about them, and everyone seems to be behaving in a typical, active manner.

For detailed information about the sickness I've been dealing with before this check the tank log. I did recently lose a Rainbow, but she seemed to have died from complications of the previous parasite infection (she was very badly infected and I had been expecting her to die for weeks because I thought she was too far gone when I treated everyone a month ago). This little guy, however, was not showing any sign of illness until now, and his wound was nothing like what the Rainbow was exhibiting.

If anyone has an idea of what could be going on please let me know.

Akeath 05-25-2012 02:23 PM

And one last thing that I just thought of. At first, when I was trying to feed the live brine shrimp I would just add water directly from the brine shrimp hatchery into this tank. That water was salt water, and I know that salt irritates Cories because they are scaleless. Could that have either directly caused a lesion or caused the Cory to be irritated enough that he ended up ramming into a decoration and hurting himself? Because to me that wound looks like a skin lesion or a bad scrape, and it was over a lot of his body and he seemed to have gotten a good portion of his operculum as well, which probably started making it hard to breathe for him...does anyone think that could have caused that, or is that a silly idea?

kitten_penang 05-25-2012 03:10 PM

maybe he wasn't doing very well and was going to die and he got sucked by the water inlet and one of the other fish knocked him away from it.

but then i myself have seen my tin foils with huge red blood spots and then they die for no apparent reason and it happened in a very short time. the only thing i can think of is water poisoning.

Romad 05-26-2012 07:00 AM

My guess for your cory would be internal bleeding. Sorry that you lost him :(

Is there anything that he could have gotten wedged into? I had to make sure that my driftwood was securely embedded into the gravel in my 75 gallon because I saw one of my albinos stuck underneath a piece of it when I set up the tank.

Olympia 05-26-2012 07:32 AM

To answer your salt question.. No I don't think that could have affected him. I'm pretty sure cories are much more salt tolerant than tetra. Even though pandas are sensitive I highly doubt a bit of salt did him in...
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