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LyzzaRyzz 05-23-2012 09:06 PM

Marimo Balls? From one to many?
Hey guys!

Just have a few questions Id like to ask, But Id like to see if there are any threads existing that can answer my questions! Ill be looking myself, but if you could link me a few that'd be great!

jaysee 05-23-2012 09:56 PM

Marimo moss balls are round because they are tumbled when grown. If you were to cut it in half, you would have two semicircles that will grow out from there. If you wanted them to be round, you would need to find a way to have them rolled around the tank. I've been told it's easier to do with smaller pieces.

LyzzaRyzz 05-23-2012 11:35 PM

I have a marimo thats about three inches across, and i was planning on using it in my shrimp fry tank, and once i got it in there, i realized it was huge!

I have a ten gallon with shrimp and a betta, and move the berried females to a 2.5 gal, and plan to raise the fry in a 1.5 gal bowl. All with filters and stones.

So, im going to cut it all up, to spread through out the tanks. Im just wondering the smallest i should go, what i should use to cut it, and if theres any prep work or after work i need to worry about.

jaysee 05-24-2012 09:06 AM

I don't think it's something you can do in an actual tank - you would have to have a tank specially set up to do it - bare bottom with powerheads to keep the pieces moving.

Chesh 05-25-2012 12:41 PM

Great question! I've been wondering the same thing. I read (somewhere!?) a thread where someone cut theirs. I remember her saying it was a bit messy and frayed, but she hadn't gotten to the point of growing the cut half out yet!

I DO know that if it is left too long in one spot (whole) it will grow lopsided, the half that gets light will obviously do better, so I'd think that you *might* be okay as long as you were sure to keep it moving every few days - though to get a perfect ball, I'd imagine you would have to replicate the original environments (as stated in the PP)

This would be a fun experiment to try, but an easier way would be to keep your eye out for nano marimo balls! I have a few of these, and they're about the size of a nickle, and suuuuuper cute! Plus, they were cheap ;) If you don't have a home for the bigger one, it is customary in Japan to keep these guys in a jar on the windowsill to bring luck. I happen to have one on my sill as I type this. It's doing well, though I'm not sure how much luck it's bringing!!!

SinCrisis 05-25-2012 02:56 PM

This is a good question, I too have kept a marimo for a long time and have been hesitant to propagate it in fear that I might damage it. I have never turned mine and its been growing a little lopsided but not the extent people have spoken about...

LyzzaRyzz 05-25-2012 05:13 PM

Well, I went hulk on my Marimo, and now i have two medium sized and a little one in my 10g, three small/medium ones in my maternity tank, a small one and a medium on in my baby tank, and a small one in my bedside tank.

Im rolling them in m y hands, every day, and the littler ones are the ones that seem to be getting back to their circle shape.

Im so tempted to go get two more marimos, and split one up again, so i can have a huge monster one, and a bunch of little ones. lol But at 8 dollars a pop, ill have to wait a bit!

My shrimp love them! and my little ones are already pearling!

LyzzaRyzz 05-25-2012 05:19 PM

They are a bit frayed at the ends, but since i ripped them instead of cutting them, i think all the pieces will still be healthy..You can tell which side is the middle, and i end up leaving the outside on the bottom, so the inside can get some light.

Another question..I dont have aquarium lightbulbs, just regular energy saver spiral light bulbs. They fit in my lank lights, and i was wondering if they give the necessary light?

Lisalis 05-29-2012 10:51 PM

following your thread!! I just got 5 small maribo balls, in my tanks they seem to move about all the time, i have only normal filtering in both my tanks but they move quite easily between my corys and my flying foxes they play with them like beach do my shrimp in my 10 gal!! LOL:fish:

LyzzaRyzz 05-29-2012 11:34 PM

Thats great! Also, i ripped up mine, and they are quite tattered! im rolling them, and thinking of taking them out to a seperate tank just for them rolling around! They dont move at all in my big is your tank?

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