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GouramiJade 05-23-2012 09:30 AM

Honeys and Emperors, what next?
Im in the process of restocking (powercut disaster) my tank 27x14x14 long so holds about 22 US gallons according to the tank calculator thingy i used. Currently i have 6 Emperor Tetras (2M 4F) and 3 Honey Gourami (1M 2F) and im not sure where to go next! Id like to have some bottom dwellers but i dont really like any of them.I know most people have Corys but their "bristley" faces creep me out a bit :lol: the guy at my LFS said i could get a Bolivian Ram or Flag Cichlid and another group of shoaling fish but i dont trust their advice after bad experiences in the past with fish store employees giving rubbish advice. Sooooo advice please? I know you guys wont steer me wrong!:-D

Byron 05-23-2012 10:45 AM

In my view there is not sufficient space for more upper fish. And I would not add a cichlid to the present fish group. Emperor Tetra are not "small" and their activity means they need space.Substrate fish are possible. Corys would be ideal as you could have a group (5) for some activity, but you don't like them. A whiptail catfish is another option, but you won't see much as it is not an active swimmer.

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Maxillius 05-23-2012 11:11 AM

whiptail catfish don't swim often but when they do they are very nice to watch they can swim upside down or on the sides , they like sinking wafers and flakes and they LOVE zucchini mine wont let it go until its gone =D and like byron said you wont see much from them unless you have dim light as they are mostly active at night and just clean stuff up!

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