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Pearl2011 05-22-2012 07:15 PM

Easy to spawn tetras in community
What is an easy tetra to spawn in a 25 gallon? There will be a male betta in there along with possibly some shrimp. I only have an extra 3.5 gallon for fry, although if I dont need to move them then even better.

I am planning to sell them, if I go with tetras.

Thanks for the help!:-)

Byron 05-23-2012 10:57 AM

While many species of tetra will easily spawn in an aquarium provided the water parameters approximate their needs, survival of the eggs or fry is almst impossible if the adults are left in the same tank and/or there is another fish species present. This is because most fish will readily eat the eggs almost as soon as they are laid; in nature this is much less likely because the parents spawn and then swim off in a huge volume of water, leaving the eggs sticking to a cluster of vegetation or whatever.

I have tetra, pencilfish, corys spawning all the time in my tanks but very rarely do I see fry, though it does happen. If you want to raise any number of fry, a spawning tank is necessary; depending upon the species, the 3.5 gallon tank might work. You can browse our fish profiles, it mentions some of the species that are relatively easy to spawn. Most will require fairly close water parameters, meaning soft and acidic, for successful spawning.


Geomancer 05-23-2012 12:15 PM

I agree, I see the same when my Corys spawn.

And with a Betta ... eggs are just a nice protein snack ;)

Something to keep in mind though. Most fish produce a lot of eggs, which means a lot of fry if you actively try to raise them (removing the parents). Stores won't want them until they grow to a sellable size, so you have to provide suitable accommodations for the fry until they get ~ 1 inch in size. 3.5 gallons is enough to go from eggs to fry, but they'll quickly outgrow that and unless you are only growing out a couple fry you'll need a larger aquarium.

Fish produce babies by the dozens to the hundreds ... each ;)

This is a good post to read:

That's also the breeding forum where you may find people with experience who can help you on your way.

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