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Tikibirds 05-20-2012 01:49 AM

I guess I should introduce myself since I have been a member for over a year - although I stay more on

My name is Laura and when I joined, I lived in Alaska. It was WAAAAAY to expensive there, so I moved back to New York and Now I live with my mother and sister *someone please shoot me* After the boyfriend got his PHD in Physics, we stuck around for a few months but with no job prospects and the outrageous cost of living in Fairbanks, we drove out in January hauling 1 dog, 1 chinchilla, 24 bettas and a u haul trailer pulled by a subaru Impreza. Needless to say tropical fish do not do so well in -40F temps, especially when the idiot had the back window open and it was blowing directly ON MY FISH :evil::cry::evil:. Four were still alive, so I defrosted them using the car heater in the front seat and kept them on my lap, under 4 blankets with the heat on full blast for 8 days. One ended up passing on somewhere in canada, three made it to Nyew York but one girl had columnaris when we left and she put up an AWSOME fight but passed on about 2 weeks after I got here. Two crowntails who made the trip are still alive.

so apparently one can take bettas through US and canada customs...although the US customs agent was positive we were smuggling in drugs...

Mr Magic Mushrooms stretching his fins in a hotel room:

Surviving fish transport system:

someone is not happy about the new front seat passangers

The boyfriend went back for graduation and he and his dad a driving a big u haul truck back with the rest of out stuff....His dad is in bad shape so they are stopping in hotels everynight. We only did that 3 times due to lack of $$. They should be here by the end of the month

kitten_penang 05-21-2012 01:46 PM

so sorry to hear bout the's a huge loss looks like you are left with only 2 outta 24 that's really bad news. some might tell you, you should have gave them away but it is your choice and what's done is already done.i hope you learn from these mistakes and i wish you and your family luck with the new begining

willow 05-29-2012 04:24 PM

i hope things start to look up for you all.

eaturbyfill 06-02-2012 11:24 AM

Hello. Sorry to hear about your loss ):

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