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Misomie 05-16-2012 07:53 PM

Rosy Barbs eat everything :K
So, I have a school of nine Rosy barbs and they are doing great. The only "issue" I have with them is that they eat absolutely everything. :K
-I had several lettuce leaves in the tank weighed down for my CAE... They ate these all overnight (they even picked it off the filter)
-I tried Cucumber for my CAE, they ate this too (but much slower)
-I also added some algae pellets that someone gave me to see if my CAE was interested (as I see her scouting for algae still) and before she so much as looks at them, they eat the pellets. Grrr...
-I added a good amount of MTS to the tank and, within two minutes, one of my females swims up and picks one off the ground and eats it. >:K (I found a shell from a larger one the next day and I haven't seen any of them in days; hopefully they are under the substrate but I doubt it)

I want to add anacharis to the tank but they eat it faster than it can grow.... (seriously, overnight they shred every leaf and they even eat into the stem of the plant until it looks like a fish skeleton.... Poor plants.... At least they don't eat the others.... Yet. :/)

Will they stop eating so much when they are adults? ^^; Or is there a way to train them not to eat certain stuff? (their profile should be updated to say what pigs they are. :P)

Also, what else might I try for my CAE that they won't eat in two seconds? (She is not as nearly of an aggressive eater like the Rosys)

Tazman 05-16-2012 11:11 PM

They are naturally opportunistic feeders so no they will not stop eating so much.

Try feeding the CAE, at the same time as the barbs, this may involve spot feeding it (placing food near to where it is located in the tank).

Be careful though as well as to how much you feed the barbs, they are prone to overeating which like humans can lead to health issues.

Misomie 05-17-2012 12:24 AM

I guess I'll have to try that. ^^;

I have to do that with the danios so the other fish could eat as well. Fish are pigs. :P (maybe I'll put something in there that would take forever for them to eat. >:3 *thinks*)

What about the plants? Will I ever be able to add it again? The danios are also responsible for thisas well, though it's mainly the barbs. (or should I try some fertilizer or something to make it grow super fast?) I'm lucky they don't try and eat the Wisteria. @_@ (although SOMEONE tore off a branch... I'm on to you fishies, branches don't just spontaneously break off when they are healthy. :K)

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