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PhilipPhish 05-14-2012 06:26 PM

Adding more to my 30G, need some advice!
So in my 30 gallon, I currently have 4 female Betta fish, 7-8 feeder guppies, 3 Cory cats, 3 swordtails, and a pleco.

Now, I might be getting rid of the swordtails and giving them to a friend.

But, what kind of other fish can I get to put in here? I would like a very active, full, colorful tank.

the 4 females are various shades of pink, and one of them is blue. I have salt and pepper corries and of course, the brownish feeder guppies. I want a lively tank, but I kinda want calming colors that are still nice to look at.

Anyway, the current list of more things I'm going to add:
2-3 more corries
1-2 more female bettas.

Thanks for the help guys!

thekoimaiden 05-14-2012 11:34 PM

Those additions sound like a great idea. When keeping female betta together it is best to keep them in groups of 5 or more. Generally, the more you have the more spread out the aggression will be. Since you have a 30 gal I would go ahead and add 3-4 female bettas to spread out the aggression even more. Just be sure you remove all the females, rearrange the decor, and then add all the females to let each establish a territory. And more cories are always a good idea. With cories and loaches it's more the merrier!

PhilipPhish 05-15-2012 06:43 PM

So I went to the pet store today and came home with another cory cat, I now have 4, and a sailfin molly...

I'm hoping to get a few more sailfin mollies in a week or so. I actually really like my new molly. She's very cute! She's HUGE though!

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