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dwatt31 05-11-2012 01:04 PM

Emperor Tetra Eggs
I currently have found that my Emperor Tetra has laid some eggs on my Anacharis! Great news, but now I'm worried/not sure what to do! I am new to fish keeping and I want to do what is best for the fish and the fry, any advice on how to care for the eggs, isolate them? with or without the male or female tetra? new tank for them? food for when the will be born? sorry for all the questions but this is a new ball park for me.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


Olympia 05-11-2012 07:25 PM

Is your tank heavily planted? If so there should be tons of microorganisms for the fry to eat.
If you want lots of survivors, get a breeder net, it's like a mesh box that goes in the tank, so they get all the benefits of the planted tanks ecosystem.
Most fish will eat their own fry, so no parents.
I'm not sure about feeding. You can buy baby brine shrimp eggs and hatch them, but that might be too big for newborns. Most survive off an egg sack for 1-2 days. BBS will probably be the easiest to find. If you have a specialty fish store you should be able to find something smaller like vinegar eels. I've seen people leave little plant filled jars in the sun and eyedrop water in. It's filled with microorganisms as well- I'm not sure how effective doing this is though. Usually it takes about 10 days for a good amount to appear. Since you have plants you should already have some in the tank, which is why it's good to have the net. Or you can do a new fully planted tank if you want to, same idea. If you have cherry shrimp they are nice- they eat dead eggs but don't touch live ones (other shrimps like ghost will just eat everything). Watch for fungus on the eggs.

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