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DjBootleg 05-10-2012 07:46 PM

My swordtail molly stabbing with sword??
I have 3 swordtail mollies in my tank one female two males.. with other fish.. but the female looks a little pregnant kinda fat n a big black spot near her rear. They never really interacted but just today I saw her hiding and the male would come after her backwards and try n touch her with his tale??? WTF??? Any ideas????

Sam Crow 05-10-2012 09:45 PM

Perhaps it's always escaped me, but is there such a thing as a swordtail molly? There are mollies and there are swordtails (two different fish), but I've never heard of a swordtail molly. I have lyretail molly and sailfin molly, but (to my recollection) have never seen a swordtail molly. Are you sure it's not just a swordtail fish confused with a molly?

Anyway, just because you've never seen them interact, doesn't mean they don't. Some fish mate at night/low light.

I've had one Dalmatian Molly female for 6 months with no males in the tank. She got bloated and big. I thought she was just fat or overfed. She ended up having 3 fry (that I found). I later found out that some female fish can hold/store seamen for a long time from just one encounter with a male, inseminating themselves at a later date. She must have mated with a male in the tank at the fish store and held the sperm until later and inseminated herself. I'm sure others here can better educate us on that interesting fact.

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