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cholerae 05-10-2012 07:40 PM

Introducing angelfish
I 'adopted' a 30 gal tank with 1 angelfish and 1 cory from a family member about a year ago. It now has 1 angel, 5 corys, 1 raphael cat and 3 serpae tetras. I've been wanting to upgrade to a larger tank for awhile and have decided on a 120 gal. I'd like it to be planted with a few pairs of angels (I have really enjoyed my adopted one).

Anyway, my question is - can I put new (young) angelfish in the 120 gal tank with the fish I already have? My current fish is a few years old, fully grown and has never acted aggressively towards his tank mates. If I can put them together, who should go in first or how should I go about introducing them? The 30 gal is staying set up, so if it isn't doable the older fish can stay there...

Also, any other tips on setting up a tank for angel fish would be greatly appreciated! I don't want to breed them, just raise them :-)

lorax84 05-11-2012 09:26 AM

Larger Angelfish almost always pick on smaller ones. Angelfish get really aggressive with conspecifics, even if they are not aggressive with other fish normally. I would leave the older fish where it is at and try to introduce him once the other fish catch up in size. Lots of Anglefish keepers find that different groups of angelfish never mix, so you may just end up needing to keep them separate.

Geomancer 05-11-2012 10:23 AM

I agree, with Angels it's best to add them all as a group.

You have an incompatibility though. Serpae Tetra are notorious for fin nipping, not a good choice with angels at all. They also need to be in larger groups. Minimum is 6, but probably more to keep their aggression within the group down. Even so, these Tetras are best kept in a species only tank, or only with substrate fish (like the Corys).

You can read up about angelfish, click the shaded name for Scalare Angelfish.

Geomancer 05-11-2012 10:25 AM

Forgot to mention, for a habitat they like a dim environment. A natural one would be lots of branchy driftwood and a cover of floating plants. Amazon Swords are also a good choice.

cholerae 05-11-2012 07:01 PM

Thanks - I think I'll try introducing him once everyone is the same size (but watch carefully!) and put him back in his own tank if they can't get along.

The serpaes are left over from before I learned to research before I buy. Luckilly, they only chase each other...

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