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Molinious 05-10-2012 07:37 PM

Deliberation on tanks 1 & 2 over
Finely dcided n the stocki lists for my new tanks

Both 48 x 15 x 12

Both to be well planted

Tank 1 stock list

Congo Tetra
Rosy Tetra
Gold Pleco

Maxmum shoal sizes please?

Tank 2

Neon Tetra
Rosy Barb

Maximum shoal sizes please?

Then there will be deciding the stocking on tank 3, 140l corner aquarium 24" deep.. suggestions welcome.

Sanguinefox 05-10-2012 08:24 PM

Yoyo loaches need at least a shoal of 5 (better to do even numbers so 6). Personally I have four and they manage fine because they have places to hide if one is being too rambunctious.

Molinious 05-10-2012 08:27 PM

Iv already consdered on the yoyos, got perfect hiding places already for them and will be ading specific sanded area for them, iv spent quite alot of time starring at the empty tanks trying to visualise what i want! Iv got a list of things as long as my arm already and thats just for 1 tank! Got 3 to do! Thats including revamping the 1 i have already up and running (tank 3)

Byron 05-11-2012 10:00 AM

These are the standard 55g tanks I believe, so for numbers only [I have cautions with these combinations I'll deal with after] I would suggest:

Congo, 9 (5 males, 4 females) or 7 (4 m, 3f).
Rosy Tetra, 12+
Yoyo loach, 6 but 5 if necessary, certainly no less than 4 if absolutely necessary [comments on this also below].
Neon Tetra, 12+.
Rosy Barb, 7-9.
Corys, minimum 5 of one species, or if two or more species, no less than 3 of each but 5 better.

The loaches are one of the most social of fishes and the more the better. I always try to get 6, but 5 will in my experience work; I have Botia kubotai, Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki, and Yunnanilus cruciatus (not all together) in groups of five and for 2+ years with no problems. I recently acquired 4 Botia striata, only 4 because that's all they had; I would have got 6 or 5 if they had more, but 4 can work. It is just that the more there are, the less the chance of any issues with infighting or bothering other fish.

Which brings me to the combination cautions. Botia almorhae carries a caution of nipping long-fin fish, which means the Congo Tetra. I've no experience of this myself, as I've never maintained the Yoyo. If you can get them, B. kubotai would be safer, and the patterning is very similar. I have my 5 B. kubotai in with a shoal of 10 Congo, no problems. The loach are nibbling the plants is reported they like Echinodorus (swords).:lol:

I suspect you combined the Neon and Rosy Barb due to temperature, but the Rosy Barb is very active and this may unsettled the quieter neons. This is a case where the RB would suit the CT more--except their temps don't match. Then similarly the Rosy Tetra would be a better match for the Neon rather that the active Congos.

Activity level is a very important consideration in combining species. To illustrate, my 90g River Habitat is intended for more active fish, and I have Congo, Black Ruby Barb, Emperor Tetra, Beckford Pencilfish, and Botia kubotai in there, and it is a hive of continual activity as all of these are very active. These fish complement each other very well, and the large numbers of each species ensures they have plenty of interaction as nature intended.

By contrast, my 5-foot 115g has groups of much more sedate fish like Cardinals, Rosy and Roberts Tetra, Garnet Tetra, Marble Hatchetfish, and 30+ corys; years ago I had Black Phantom Tetra in this mix too. There is very little active swimming from any of these species, aside from male displays and sparring within species. I just can't imagine disrupting this with Congos for example, it would stress out the other fish. Even the Emperors originally in this mix had to be removed.

Hope these insights are of value.


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