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Sam Crow 05-10-2012 03:14 PM

Sam Crow's 29 Gallon Tank
Here is my 29 gallon freshwater aquarium. I recently added play sand and will be adding a few live plants in the near future. The tank is a bit overcrowded due to me taking on some stray fish from a relative who was a bad fish keeper. I'm readying a tank for the additional fish as we speak.

Comments, suggesting and criticism welcome.

My 29 Gallon Aquarium - YouTube


The picture and video quality is bad due to my cheap camera. My apologies.

rjordan390 05-11-2012 12:58 AM

It appears you have a 2 inch sandbed. That's ok for the front but if your going to plant live plants like swords in the rear, it would be better to add more sand to the rear (3 or 4 inches) and taper it from there to 2 inches in front. I have gravel myself and had experience with sand in a reef tank and it formed hydrogen sulfide in areas I could not get to, unless I took the tank down.
Here's are tips on taking pictures:
Do not use flash. The flash bounces back as you see in your picture. Normally the aquarium lights are enough to give you a good picture.
I can see what looks like a reflection of a light or opened window behind you when the picture was taken. This also interferes with the picture. Pull the shade down or turn off this light and let the aquarium be the only light source.

Geomancer 05-11-2012 09:11 AM

3-4" of sand would be a lot, and would introduce problems. I wouldn't go further than 2.5" personally.

rjordan390 05-13-2012 09:40 AM

Geomancer is correct. Keep the sandbed at no more then 2 inches. Also be aware that playsand contains silicates that diatoms feed off of. Whether it can leach out of sand placed in fresh water, I do not know.

Sam Crow 05-13-2012 08:13 PM

I was advised to only have around an inch and a quarter of sand, 2 inches max (for various reasons). I added some live plants to this tank yesterday. A Green Cabomba plant and a Moneywort plant. So far, so good. I also added a Green Mondo Grass plant, but I took it out. Come to fine out it's not a true aquatic plant. That's what I get for not researching thoroughly (a rookie mistake from a non-rookie hobbyist). The Mondo Grass is now in my wife's flowerbed.

I will likely add some Dwarf Baby Tears and/or some Dwarf Hairgrass eventually. I first want to make sure the plants I have do well.

As far as the tank, my Mother In-Law adopted my wife's Betta. That left us with a 3 gallon heated, planted and filtered tank. We decided to put the fry I had (top right corner in the video) in that tank until they are large enough to join the rest in my future (and bigger) tank. The tank in the video here will soon be home to various Tetra fish. The current fish will go into a new tank in a few weeks. -confusing, I know.

Oh, and I added an apple snail to the tank. He's already been busy helping my Cory Cats clean things up.

I have a 75 gallon tank just sitting in my sun-room. I will likely trade it for a 55 gallon tank a co-worker of mine has. His fish are outgrowing his tank, and since I'm only going to keep smaller fish it made sense to trade. He may get the bigger tank, but I'm getting his brand new (unused) Tetra Whisper EX 70 filter with and a new air pump.

So, the fish I currently have in my 29 gallon will soon go in a 55 gallon tank (once I get it, set it up, cycle it, ext). The 29 gallon tank will be the future home of various Tetra fish (long fin Red Minor Tetra, Black Phantom, perhaps Neons for some sort). My fry are in a 3 gallon tank (former home of a male Betta) and will eventually be in the 55 gallon. That leaves me with a 10 gallon tank with no occupants (will become a plant nursery and quarantine tank).

I have a summer of fishy fun/work a head of me it seems.

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