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Age of Aquariums 12-18-2007 09:14 AM

Is there a difference?
I was looking at shrimp and ordered a Periclimenes venustus, but I also saw a Periclimenes sp. that looked the say, is there a difference between the to? If so, would they get along?

bettababy 12-19-2007 02:48 PM

Typically when you find an "sp." after a name of a known animal, it's the dealer's way of protecting themselves if they're not positive what exact species a specific animal is. Use clownfish for an example... you have percula, skunk, ocellaris, tomato, maroon, etc etc... if you mix a tomato and maroon, what do you list it as? clown sp. aka clown species.
As for compatibility, there is no way to be positive it will be compatible. A large part of that question will be answered in how large your tank is, how "full" it is of rock and animals, and the personalities of the individual animals you put into it. Would I attempt to mix 2 of those? No. typically shrimp are very territorial and can be horribly aggressive to anything that invades its space. Even the smallest of shrimps has it's own defenses in place, and can cause a lot of damage if it doesn't work. End result could be 1 or both dead shrimp, and who knows what other damage in the process.
If you're keeping a really large tank (over 100 gallons) and it is heavily decorated with rock and such... you could get lucky enough and it could work fine. The smaller the tank the less chance of success when mixing most shrimps and/or crabs.

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