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JDMCRZ11 05-09-2012 07:48 PM

New to fishkeeping/ just started my first 55 gallon tank
My name is Shane i just started my first tank which is a 55 gallon, with a few fish (long finned serpae tetra 5, black skirt tetra 5, sunburst platy 1, red wag platy 2, long fin zebra danio 2, glofish sunburst orange 2, cosmic blue 2, and starfire red 2 , also 2 gourami one gold and one silver). Things are going good so far had it set up for 3 day and they are all still alive so I must be doing something right. I got the tank and all the things that come with it for $80. Just thought I would introduce my self and see it there is anything I should know about having these certain types of fish all in a tank together. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appericated.

thekoimaiden 05-09-2012 10:39 PM

Hey Shane! Welcome to the forum and the hobby. To begin I would suggest reading this article about cycling a tank: You have already started a fish-in cycle, and this article will instruct you on how to handle it.

If I understand your stocking levels correctly, you sound like you have pretty good levels of fish (tetra and danio are schooling and need at least 6 of the same species to be happy). It will also interest you to know that you can learn a lot about a certain species by clicking the shaded name of the species like blue gourami and zebra danio. You can also look up a specific fish by clicking on our Tropical Fish Profiles in the upper lefthand corner. In case you are looking for black skirt tetra, it is also called the black widow tetra.

Olympia 05-09-2012 10:44 PM

Welcome to TFK!
The platy, danio (though I hear glofish can be sensitive) and gourami should be able to handle the cycle pretty well. I never had serpae so I don't know.
55 gallons is enough for two gourami, but you want it heavily planted (real/fake plants) since they will probably set up their own territories. Just no more gourami, or any other related fish such as betta or paradise fish, as all of these fish start fighting each other if they don't have room for their own territory.
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