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tommy ivers 05-07-2012 11:31 PM

java & frog
Just joined this website, just bought a 10-gallon tank, and next week will get 2 guppies to start the cycling. could I get a frog too or do I have to wait til the tank gets cycled? will also be buying the java fern and moss and wonder what that will do. I'm new to this game. Don't know how to work this site yet and last aquarium was about 40 years ago. So i'm a rookie again.:roll:

ladayen 05-08-2012 02:27 PM

LOL, well welcome back to the hobby and welcome to the site. Fish are no longer needed to cycle a tank, frogs are a definte no as they abosrb toxins through the skin thus abosrb far more then fish do. Live plants are an excellent idea. The 2 you have mentioned are very hardy therefore great beginner plants. Just a note though, java fern needs to be attached to something and not buried in the substrate(gravel, sand and etc) you can do this with moss as well or it can be left as a free floating mass.

Back to cycling a tank, there are products available now that contain bacteria and if you follow instructions can have it safe for fish in a week or so. Beware of fake products though. Tetra safe start and Seachems Stability I've heard are reliable. Also if you know someone else with a fish tank you can borrow some decorations/gravel from them to help seed your tank and give it a kick start.

Here's some more information on cycling

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