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arin 05-07-2012 01:37 PM

Platy Babies
:-DTo my surprise yesterday there were baby platies in my tank :-D. I had all but given up thought they were just fat but sure enough there they were. We managed to save 10 but have no idea how many she actually had.....they are soooo cute and my daughter is trilled:-D. Right now i have them in a 1.5 gallon tankand they will be going back in the breeding net in the big tank once i get the ick taken care and i got some fry food at the pet store....any other ideas on how to raise these little guys please let me know i really want them to make it.

Now just waiting for Mamma #2 to have her babies:-D

Assault0137 05-07-2012 03:33 PM

get a 10 gallon starter tank with heater and filter or they will a 1.5 gallon coldwater tank they might survive a few more days, if you are lucky. how big is your breeding net and 'big' fish tank(gallons for the tank)? take a picture of both and i will be able to help you.

crush regular fish food into small bits that they will be able to fit into their mouths. feed them brine shrimp every other day.

arin 05-08-2012 09:35 AM

the 1.5 that they are in now is actually heated to 76 and i do have a filter but was scared they would get sucked up....would i have to get a 10 gallon or could i get a 5 gallon...I have a few pictures but i can not get them to post...the big tank is 10 gallons and i have 3 guppies, 3 platies, and 1 pleco all but the pleco are full grown....thanks for the advise i am a new fish owner so all the advise you can give will be a great help. Babies all seem to be doing well swimming all over the place and i did see them eat.:-)

Assault0137 05-08-2012 03:51 PM

if it is an undergravel filter it is fine. cover the intake of other filters in the mesh from fish nets. secure it with a rubbber band, and there you go!

marshallsea 06-09-2012 04:19 AM

fry should be fed several times a day, as their stomachs empty every 30 mins. the older they get, start cutting back.

jgraf 06-16-2012 03:30 AM

If your main tank is cycled, your problems will be mostly longer term issues.

That pleco can grow to the size of an adult forearm regardless of tank size. Platies are excellent algae eaters, much better than an adult pleco.

If you are insistent on saving babies by separating them, get ready for population issues. Along with those population issues you will get deformed and weak fry that sadly will live out a miserable existence that will painfully fail without human intervention. Even if you get a large tank, you will get population issues with this course. Get ready for massive amounts of culling or make plans to give away countless fish.

Platies are great fish and are my first tropical fish. My original platies are my favorite fish even with the more exotic looking fish in the aquarium. My original platies helped me train my angelfish to feed off my fingers.

I never separated my platy fry from my main 55 tank. With the rummy nose tetras, the near full size angelfish, and cannibal platies, hardly any fry survive. My tank is planted on the corners to give any fry a fighting chance. I didn't need to feed them extra, platies are excellent algae eaters and the babies have plenty of food until they can munch on a falling flake. The babies that do survive until a safe size are extraordinarily strong, fast, and smart. When I used to see the angelfish try to chase a bite-sized baby it was like watching a 747 chase a jet fighter. The angelfish doesn't even try for any young platy that is brave enough to swim in the open anymore.

Now I am not suggesting you go my route, I have my issues as well. Every single fry that survived until sexual maturity are females and highly aggressive. Little punks. Just wanted to share my experience.

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