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ElectricBlueJD 05-06-2012 12:42 AM

so these are my stocking ideas. i need ideas for a second schooling fish.
In my 55 gallon:
12 neon tetras
12 other small schooling fish
6 albino corys ( do i need sand so there barbels dont get damaged?)
2 german rams (i dont want real plants so will these still work?)
4 hatchet fish

So would these work ok?
And what could i add if its not overstocked (or close)
and one more possibly dumb question. could i put a rainbow sharrk with these fish?

30 gallon:
1 fancy goldfish.

Do they mind fake plants?

And should i get a 5 gallon with a betta and 1 mystery snail?

magpie 05-06-2012 01:49 AM

Rams prefer live plants but you can do a nicely scaped fake plant setup with driftwood and other cover. Just heavily "plant" your tank. Maybe use silk plants, which can look nice.

Instead of another schooler, i'd increase the number of hatchets - they like buddies. Maybe 8 -10 marbled hatchets? Then increase the neons to 15.
Or... 8 marbled hatchets, 12 neons, 7 rosy tetras or h. Bentosi. I am loving my white-finned rosy tetras! (h. Rosaceus)

I'd say no to the rainbow shark.
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thekoimaiden 05-06-2012 02:37 AM

Magpie has the right idea. I would increase the hatchet fish first. This is going to make the top of your aquarium appear much more populated. And I think once you get all the fish in there, you aren't going to want another school. If you really do want another school I would go with brilliant rummy nose tetra. They provide a nice contrast to the loosely school tetra as they will all swim around the tank together. They also fit into the amazon biotope-like thing you got going on.

As for the goldfish and fake plants, they won't mind at all. If you have any with very long fins, be careful that the plants you get aren't spiky.

About the betta and mystery snail, I would only get them if you plan to feed the mystery snail, too. Unlike the little pond snails and MTS, they can't survive on algae alone and actually need pretty hard water to maintain a healthy shell. If you want the snail for algae control, I wouldn't get it. I have a love of bettas and always enjoy seeing them go to good homes! So I vote yes on the betta.

ElectricBlueJD 05-06-2012 02:41 AM

Thank you guys! ill do 8 hatchets, and i will skip the rummynose. If the tank looks bare ill just get a few more neons.
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Byron 05-06-2012 11:33 AM

The neon tetra will not do well with in the warmer temperature than the blue ram requires (82F), so this is not a good mix. Cardinal tetra would be OK temperature wise, and the rummys will be fine too. If you get the blue rams.

And most cory species do not last at high temperatures, Corydoras sterbai is one that does, but below 77-78F for the rest.

You could also stay with neons and corys and drop the rams, or go with the Bolivian Ram (a bonded pair or a single fish) which is fine at the cooler (around 75-77F) temperature the neons prefer.

The hatchetfish (and these must have a larger group, no less than 12 if Carnegiella species or 8-9 if the larger Silver Hatchetfish as you have space) will be at or above their max temperature with the blue rams, so here again a better fit with mid-70's temperatures.

All this is for the 55g, and I would add one or two more shoaling fish species once you decide on the above issues. These will be easier to find if the temperature is lower.

Another comment, live plants will greatly benefit any of these fish. Without plants, you will need to find a lot of decor to provide the shelter they all need to be free of stress. Plants is the easy way to achieve this, but a tank thick with branches reaching to the surface will work too, and floating plants for shade (essential).


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