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jack26707 05-05-2012 09:41 PM

cardinal tetra questions
if i had a 38 to 55 gallon fishtank, would 1-3 angels eat my 7 cardinals and 10 rummys? other tankmates are silver hatchets, a clown pleco, pepper cories, and a twig cat. Thanks.

Byron 05-06-2012 12:04 PM

Possibly. Sometimes angelfish that are small when acquired and put in with established cardinal tetra or neon tetra or Rummynose tetra will grow up and be fine. But these characins are natural food for the angelfish so the temptation will be there whether or not it manifests itself.

I personally would not risk the fish. Even if no physical attack occurs, the angelfish are releasing pheromones into the water and the other fish read them, sort of a chemical conversation if you like. And this can be very stressful to the small fish that recognize they are in the presence of a predator with no means of escape. In the wild, the small fish would simply swim away out of "sight" of the predator, but that option is not available to them in the confines of an aquarium where they feel trapped and vulnerable.


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