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Macrocosm 05-04-2012 03:15 PM

Which canister filter?? and update...
Hello all my favorite fish gurus!!!

OK so first an update. My 46 gallon tank is doing beautifully thanks to you all. My water is clear, plants are growing and fish are doing well. I am up to 20 awsome fish that seem to be all doing well.

I made a few "purchase mistakes" on some fish. By that I mean that I purchased two pleco's and a black ghost knifefish, without thinking about the adult size of these fish would quickly outgrow my tank.

So, I went out and purchased a 90 gallon tank. (great deal... $200.00 including a $400.00 light!!! and a bunch of accessories and two H.O.T. filters...) The only problem... the tank was previously a salt tank, so it needs a good cleaning and obviously the filters are a complete waste.)

So... I need some advice on a good canister filter... Because I have more money than sense, I really am falling in love with the Fluval G6, the "iPhone" of filters (I like it cuz it looks like Darth Vader). So I am all but on my way to purchase it on Amazon. Before I do, I seek my wise fish Guru's advice.

On a side note, on this tank I am going with a natural planted tank. (You all would be impressed because this time I am actually doing some research on what substrates/ plants layout would be best for both appearance and the fish)

I would love some advice on what substrates/set up would you do/use? I also plan on making this tank a "aggressive" tank. So any ideas on what types of fish? I want colorful fairly active fish. But I don't want stone cold killers.... LOL

As always... Thank you all!!!!! I don't know what I would do without you.


kitten_penang 05-05-2012 11:39 AM

go for an eheim pro 3 canister filter.try using play sand if you want a natural stream bed looking will take more time to set it up and the plants will need to be planted well or they could be up rooted easily.if you seriously have lotsa cash try to go pro.try doing ADA type can try planting rare and more sensitive plants but you'll need a whole lot more stuff for it.

Byron 05-05-2012 04:16 PM

You asked about filters, so a canister is the best choice i my view for a 90g. There are many to select from, most probably work fine (= do the job) but reliability is also important. A less expensive canister may develop issues, or need replacing sooner than a more expensive.

Eheim are the Cadillac of filters because not only do they do the job well, they are very reliable and durable. I have two that have been running for over 14 years now with no hitches. One has the heating element built in, and is this ever a blessing. No need for two heaters (in a 90g you should have two) hanging in the tank and possibly going off themselves. My 90g with the Eheim/heater unit has maintained a stable temperature with no more variance than .2 of a degree for 15 years now non-stop.

I also like Rena XP filters, I have one on my 115g. It does the job well enough, but not having the track record it is difficult to say how it will last. While I may have saved $150 on a comparable Eheim, will I have to fix the Rena or replace it in 10 years? Don't know.

Fluval are generally rated third after Eheim and Rena. Still reliable, but again the track record isn't there yet. They are the least expensive of these three.

One comment on the planted aspect, is this tank intended for the Black Ghost Knifefish? Have a read of the profile, it explains the light situation which will make lower plants very difficult. Click the shaded name.


Assault0137 05-06-2012 03:48 PM

fluval. i use a fluval 305 on my 36 gallon tank and i have never seen a stray piece of anything except when i feed them i close the handy little built in valve.( yes i know a 305 is for a 70 gallon but still...
what i would reccomend for you:
Just kidding!

Macrocosm 05-12-2012 12:25 PM

I went with a Fluval FX5... Thank you all for your help!!!!! I went with a bigger filter because I know that I will at some point move on to a much bigger tank.... This way I won't have to purchase another one.

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