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marshallsea 05-04-2012 01:24 PM

platys sick, white poop
water parameters; ammonia- .5 ppm, total chlorine- 0, nitrite- .3 ppm, nitrate- 10ppm, ph- 7.8, kh- 270ppm, gh- 20ppm, alkalinity- 260ppm. api test strips for the gh, kh, ph, nitrite and nitrate. tetra strips for the rest. tank size is 20 gals. the temp is 78 f. fresh water tank. the tank has been up for 11 days. list of fish- 3 adult platys, 5 platy fry, 4 neon swordtail fry. quarintine situation; i had all these fish in a 10 gal that had been up for 4 months. i bought 1 more platy and put her in. on the same day i set up 20 gal. 2 days later she started staying on floor and not eating,glancing, gills were red but she was a panda platy so maybe i could see her gills because she was white. since other platys appeared healthy and had been for 4 months, i moved them to the 20gal. 2 days into its new setup. i left her in 10 gal. she died a week later looking small. i have fake plants, gravel, and hollow fake stone structures and hollow fake wood. plenty of hiding spots. the filter is a top fin 20 hob. the heater is a100 watt submersible. lighting is flourescent, on/off about 12 hours, no sun. wc schedule; i found i had extremely bad tap water (alk high off charts, too soft water, high ammonia and nitrate. at 7 days i found more suitable water , changed 7 gals, next day 7 more. it is tap water also. i use prime cond. havent cleaned gravel yet. i feed tetra flakes, wardley flakes, hikari first bites, topfin freeze bloodworms. 2x a day. symptoms; white poop, swollen, spit food out, sickest is aggressive, stays on bottom, gills appear ok,slight gasping, sickest loosing color around belly. medicated yesterday with api general cure(250mg metronidazole,75mg praziquantel per packet x2).all pooping white today except sickest. one has white speck on anus

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