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SinCrisis 05-04-2012 12:28 PM

CPD Feeding Encouragement and general care
Hey all,

My local Petco (Yes I know most of them are terrible to their stock) recently stocked a handful of CPDs and are selling them at 3.50/fish. Surprisingly, they look well cared for. This Petco is also carrying Discus and they seem healthy too (Suprising? I thought so too but apparently their stocking manager loves fish and takes really good care of their stock). Anyway, mine are disinclined to eat any of the crushed up wafers I've been dropping and my Hikari mico pellets wont arrive for another week. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to encourage feeding and what to feed? I have tetra crisps, hikari freeze dried brine shrimp, hikari wafers, hikari algae wafers, and hikari frozen blood worms.

Also, I thought I was prepared for CPDs, but upon reviewing and researching more, I am not sure if my tank is fully ready to keep a stock of them healthily. Currently I have 3 as my research showed they are not true shoaling fish. However, currently they are always grouped and rarely spread out. I am not sure if this is because they are not used to the tank or if they require a population minimum even if they do not shoal. Does anyone know how many I need to keep a healthy group?

Secondly, the tank was originally designed to house a dwarf puffer who recently passed away. The tank is well established and has a india/sri Lanken planted biotop (Java fern, rotala indica, crypt parva, and 2 other crypt species i do not remember). Are there specific plants that CPDs would enjoy over others?

Lastly, the CPDs are currently always hovering in the shaded and darkened area, which is fine, but I do have powerful t5 fixtures over the tank to encourage plant growth. Is it too much for them? I thought that it would have been OK because CPDs normally thrive in shallower pools that get a lot of sunlight. However, I can dial the light back, shade it more, etc if its better for the CPDs.

Other details:
Tank: Fluval Edge
Planting: Moderate, will be including more plants soon
Cycle: 1 year old tank
Water additives: Flourish Comp once a week
Substrate: fine gravel/soil base
Water Parameters: 7.8PH, soft (water run through softener system)
Tankmates: 2 amano shrimp, lots of MTS (Considering adding an assassin snail to control their population)
Light: 24" Aqualight with 6700k bulb and rosette bulb. + 2 6500K LED bulbs

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Byron 05-04-2012 12:39 PM

I think you will find your questions answered in our profile, Danio margaritatus.

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