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cybrchic 12-15-2007 07:56 PM

disoriented true percula clowns
Hi all,

I have a pair of young true perculas and they have been doing fine. They are friendly, active and eat like crazy.

However, i just fed them the usual (frozen brine,mysis mix cubes) which they ate, but i just noticed that they are now sluggish and a bit disoriented. Its like they have little energy and can;t seem to fight the current and get swwept away and one of them is pointing its head downward. Very odd. Ideas?!


SeaSerpant 12-15-2007 08:01 PM

You may have fed them too much. or they have a swim bladder disease. do you have a picture?

cybrchic 12-15-2007 08:55 PM

disoriented true percula clowns
Hi SeaSerpant,

I have been watching them and it is really odd. They seem to be getting better. Maybe they overfed and become sleepy..?

I will take a picture of them and post it in the morning.

Weird, huh...


bettababy 12-18-2007 12:47 PM

How long did you thaw out the food before feeding it to them? Was it cold when you put it into the tank? That sounds like temperature shock... be careful... that can be deadly quick!

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