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ironhorse1229 12-15-2007 11:47 AM

black molly
I have a black molly and just noticed she (I think) looks to be pregnant. I baught 2 at the same time, the other one continues to follow her everywhere she does not like this she turns and chases often. is it true that the male will eat the babys? And if they do survive are mollys good parents?

fish_4_all 12-15-2007 11:52 AM

Well mollies can eat their babies as will most any other live bearer. Mollies do have the reputation for being a though more tolerant though so you might have more survive than from swords or platties.

Just be ready to the potential of hundreds of babies in a short time as they are very prolific breeders.

ironhorse1229 12-15-2007 12:12 PM

thanks I never had mollys before so I was unsure, ill probley set up a smaller tank for just that reason.

beetlebz 12-15-2007 02:32 PM

nah mollies are awful parents. I was in the LFS once, and almost all of the fry were in gangs, all tied up in organized crime. A couple even served time for killing an elderly neon tetra. tsk tsk tsk. when will parents learn that video games cant replace parenting!

LOL sorry again I bring nothing to the table O.o

Lupin 12-15-2007 05:31 PM

I would expect more batches of fry to follow with a time interval between a week or two.

SeaSerpant 12-15-2007 07:35 PM

i would get a breeding tank.

Falina 12-15-2007 09:31 PM

Mollies don't look after their fry. Fry from libe bearers ae strong enough to look after themselves when they are born.

The one that chases her, is it male? How many males and females do you have? Best to have all of one sex, or a ratio of 2-3 females for every male. If this ratio is not kept the male can harass the female to death over time with his advances.

I'd advise you to heavily plant the tank if you want the fry to survive. The breeder units are very stressful for the parent.

Little-Fizz 12-16-2007 12:53 PM

Plants would help... Fry are really good hiders. Once I found one in my snails shell!! It was so cute. But really annoying because trying to get it out of there was impossible. I tried to make a current around the snail to like suck the fry out and it worked... But then one of my fish swam to the surface and it looked like it had eaten something. So of course I was all "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" But it was good. Somehow it managed to get back to the snails shell and I had to get it out all over again. But yeah like people here have said mollies suck as parents. They will not take care of the babies and are more likely to make a snack out of them.

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