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Fishnoodle 05-02-2012 01:24 AM

Newbie Questions/Gear check
Greetings all
I am a reasonably experienced FW keeper but am looking to do a nano reef tank (my first venture into SW) and want to double check a few things.

The tank is a 10g/22l (same dimensions as the Aqua One AR126 minus the hood)
Lighting is made up of 2 x Aqua Zonic Super Slim LED Clamp Light 32+8 (one running all 40 bulbs and the other just running the 8 blues)
I also have a backup Aquanova NSL300 (T8) if required
Mechanical filtration is an Aquaclear 30 HOB with a sponge, activated carbon and biomax rocks
I also have 2 x Aqua One 102 Powerheads than run on randomized timers (one set high on the left side towards the back and one set low to the right towards the front)
Both powerheads and the HOB will be running on minimal flow

What needs to go in:
- 2 oscellaris clownfish
- 1 x long tentacle anemone
- A good CUC (suggestions here would be fantastic)

What I would also like to add if possible some combination of:
- Various non-aggressive corals such as blastomussa, sun polyps, birds nest, branching montipora, mushrooms, nepthea, pom pom xenia, toadstool leather and zoanthids

Clearly, I won’t be able to get it all in especially with the amount of LR that I intend on having. I have just added the water to the tank (supplied in drums by my LFS) and will add the first pieces of LR tomorrow night. I intend on adding a few pieces of LR each week until I have built up a base to my liking, and then I will allow to fully cycle for a month (I am no in rush to get this stocked).

Once fully cycled I will add 1 piece of ‘stock’ every 2-4 weeks – again there is no rush and I want to do things right.
Extra information:
- I am religious with maintenance on all of my FW tanks so maintenance time is not an issue
- I will diarise everything and keep records of all water checks etc

So my questions are this:
- Is my gear suitable thus far?
- What is a good CUC for a tank this size with max amount of inhabitants??
- How many corals of the aforementioned types can I have?
- Which ones of those (if any) are better suited to my tank?

Any answers and further information you gurus could offer would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance

onefish2fish 05-02-2012 09:40 AM

i would check to see if those powerheads can be started then stoped repeatably. your going to need a heater in there too and dont think you mention any rock? the corals are all pretty fast growers minus the blasto and sun coral which the sun coral needs a daily feeding. if your alright with a daily feeding i suggest a dendro over the sun coral as the dendro will have its polyps out all the time vs the sun coral only at night.
a bubble tip anemone may also be a better choice then a long tip. either way this is going to take up a great portion of your tank and can STING any nearby corals. i also do not suggest adding one until many months if not a year after running the tank and keeping it stable.

for a CUC i personally like a mixture of snails, no crabs esp hermits as they rip snails from their shells.
astrea snails ( good if your tanks bare bottom- they cannot flip back over in sand )
nerite snails ( like climbing out of open tanks )
cerith snails
stomatella snails ( if you can find them )
nassarious snails

if you wanted to do crabs its your tank ofcourse but i dont like them, i would maybe also add a cleaner shrimp with the snails but other then that this tank will be to small for starfish, urchins, sea cucumbers and so forth.

Fishnoodle 05-05-2012 11:57 PM

Any other thoughts?
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