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notespeller2 05-01-2012 11:41 PM

GloFish fry- a little help/advice please?
It's kind of a long story, but i used to have fish all the time. A few years ago i let my tank go and decided to put up the hobby for a while. But last week i set my tank back up because i missed having the fish around. I bought 5 "glofish" from walmart and put them in my tank. Before you ask, no i didn't cycle my tank (i know... dumb of me)
It's a nice 10 gallon tank and the filter works and has good lighting,a heater and all that.

Now, I got 2 yellow/green ones, 2 reds ones, and an orange one. About a day after I put them in the tank I kind of thought to myself, dang that orange fish is hecka fat. Then on sunday they all started acting weird. All but one of the red ones had seemed to loose their appetite, and didn't seem interested in swimming around and exploring anymore. My active red one (his name is Captain to make it easier) swims around like crazy and still eats- he seemed okay.
Yesterday (monday) i woke to find one of the yellow ones, and my other red one dead. I was devistated, the poor little things. My orange one and other yellow one were sitting at the bottom of the tank in the back corner by the heater and away from the filter. They sat back there all day and i figured they were on their way to fishy heaven too. They were still uninterested in food. Orange one would let the yellow one sit next to him, but would chase Captain away if he came near. I also noticed that the orange one wasn't as fat as she was before.
Orange one died about midnight that same day, i flushed him. Yellow one was listlesly floating around; still swimming, but letting the current from the filter beat on him. I went to bed and woke the next morning to find the yellow one just completely missing. I looked everywhere! I asked the others in my house if they'd noticed him dead and flushed him, but no one knew anything. I even looked in the filter box, even though he's too big to have been sucked up into it.
So now all i have left is little Captain. So i read up on their symptoms, because no way they were all dying from something random- had to have been a disease. I'm about 95% sure it's probably Ammonia Poisoning from not cycling my tank before introducing fish to it.
I took 2-3 gallons of water out of my tank to do a water change to help drop the Ammonia/other chemical levels then went to the store to get some testing strips and ammonia-away stuff. When i came home and prepared the clean/treated water to pour back into the tank my mom discovered tiny fry on the back of the tank!
We spent a few hours suctioning about 30 fish out of the tank with a turkey baster. I set up a small 1 gallon tank off to the side so they wouldn't get eaten/sucked into the filter. The tank they are in has an aerated bubble filter, not a suck the water in filter. I don't know what they're actually called.
I filled the tank with half of the large tanks water (after it was treated a bit) and then normal tap water with the treatment in it as well. I'm worried that they too will die of ammonia poisoning in this small environment. I will be so devastated if i loose them also. Do you think they will be okay in there? I have another 1 gallon tank i can set up elsewhere, but it doesn't have a lid/light. Should i separate the batch and have 15ish in each one?
Some of them are still attached to the walls, but a few of them are trying to swim around in the light current of the smaller tank. I have no idea how old they are, i never saw the mom laying the eggs. But i assume the orange one laid them and the yellow one fertilized them.

I guess i just need some advice on how to deal with them. Since they are still attached to the wall i assume they still have a egg sack they are feeding off of. I put a small pinch of very finely ground up tropical fish flakes in there for the free swimmers, but i can't really tell if they are interested in them. I also have some blood worms i can grind up small- do you think they'll like those? I put some cabbage in a jar outside to try to grow some infusoria(?) but that'll take a few days and i don't want them to starve. I looked to find "first bites" but walmart didn't have them and by the time i discovered the fish my other fish store in town was closed. Should i look for those, or are the flakes okay?
Should i wait for them to grow a bit/the weaker ones to die off then maybe separate them into tanks so they have room once they're bigger? I'd rather not go out and buy another 10 gallon tank.
My other main concern is the ammonia, are they going to survive what their parents didn't? Should i nix their water and give them completely new water? I figured it'd be okay to do half and half- they hatched and survived this long in that other water.

Please don't tell me I've done something horribly wrong and doomed them all! I need some help please, I'm very concerned for their little lives. And sorry for the long story/post.

oh and before it's asked- yes, some of them ARE colored. 3 or 4 of them are -very- bright green/yellow when looked at under a magnifying glass in good light. I've yet to notice any orange ones.

notespeller2 05-02-2012 12:37 AM

Here are some pictures, because this is breeding forum and they are just too cute!

In this one i circled one that is pretty visibly green.

Termato 05-02-2012 12:30 PM

All I know is don't sell them or you could get sued.

notespeller2 05-04-2012 01:30 AM

Yeah, I read they were illegal to breed. But that's alright, i have no intention of getting rid of any of them in any way.

Just a small update for anyone with info/help:

I tested my main tanks ammonia/other levels:
ammonia seems to be fluctuating between .5-1ppm.
nitrates are at 0
nitrites are at about .5

Is this a good sign that my tank cycling is beginning? My last red fish is still active/eating and seems healthy. I'm concerned about leaving him in there alone though, aren't they schooling fish? I know not to add new tank mates until my ammonia levels have dropped but i don't want him stressed out because he's alone. I will do a small water change tomorrow if the ammonia is still at 1ppm.

my babies update:
I pulled about 15-20 more babies out of the main tank in the last 2 days. They seem to be thriving and okay so far.
Water test:
Ammonia is very low, less than .25
Nitrates are 0
nitrites are .5

So, hopefully they're okay in there. I still can't tell if they are interested in the food i'm giving them. I'm still feeding them tiny pinches of ground up flakes about every 12 hours. Most, if not all, of them are pretty much free swimming now. They like to play in the flow of the bubbles and a few of them try to swim down the bubble tube, which makes me laugh because they just get tumbled out into the bubble stream for a ride.
Also, it's fun to notice their sleeping schedule. When i turn their tank light on in the morning i can't hardly find any of them. I wait an hour and come back to look and there they are, playing in the bubbles again.
There's no way there's 50 of them in there though, so I'm sure a lot them have died off, which makes me sad. I hope at least 5 or 6 of them survive to adulthood.

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