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M44 05-01-2012 07:09 PM

New Fluvel Spec 2 Gallon!

My fluval spec 2 gallon aquarium just arrived here today. I know that is not very big for even just one betta, but it was the closest tank to what I was looking for. I plan to stock it with one betta and maybe down the road put some shrimp in there but I won't think about that now:p

Anyways, I am going to heavily stock it with plants. I put a 13 watt on there (that is a lot of light for the plants ha!) and I am putting dwarf baby tears, dwarf hairgrass, and ludwigia perunsis in the tank. The substrate is floramax. Ok, now for the questions!

1. With only one betta, will the plants take care of the ammonia and nitrites and eventually will I start to read nitrates? If so, can I put the betta in the tank right after I put the plants in?

2. How much and how many water changes should I do weekly? With my old 5 gallon tank I would do 1 -2 25% water changes weekly. Knowing that this is a smaller tank meaning more risks in levels, should I do 2 15% water changes weekly?

I think those are all my questions for now!

kitten_penang 05-21-2012 02:14 PM

a new tank even with plants will still need to there a filter? sorry to ask as im not familiar with small tanks.i'm thinking probably not so you might wanna keep a look out for signs of stress in the fish and a larger volume wc is needed and quite frequently too during the first few weeks as it cycles.always de-chlorinate the water and leave it over night for faster wc will also help with not stressing the fish further during the cycling period

es31710 05-21-2012 03:00 PM

I just saw the fluval spec. I think you should just use cherry shrimp in there and heavily plant it. It would look great with some cherries. Once you get them to breed and overpopulate you could sell them and make some money.

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