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Boise1024 05-01-2012 10:32 AM

New 20gal set up

Thought i'd let you know what was going on this weekend : a new tank set up ! I've got a great deal on a 20gal and decided to set it up in my living room, right were my 10 gal once was. Here is the adventure :

1. Tank all cleaned up, ready for the substrate !

2. Cleaning the play sand. Found out a good way to do it with the small shower head in my bath : just stick it in the bottom of the bucket half-filled with sand, and wait. Took about 15-20 minutes per bucket until water runned-off clean. Of course, Zora was there all along to help me ! (this cat loves water... go figure)

3. I used some play sand from Home Depot. It says it's pre-washed, I didn't notice... I used about half the 40lb bag.

4. Filling up the tank, there was quite a lot of cloudiness at first.

5. Waited a few hours, cloudiness was down enought so I could start the filter without worrying about sand getting stuck in the motor.

6. Finished working on the tank at about midnight on friday. This is the tank saturday morning. Still a bit cloudy, but I cleaned the mechanical filter in the HOB (Fluval C3) and it continued to clear-up. I really like how fluval designed the mechanical part of this filter. It's quite large but quite thin (about half an inch) and incorporates a sponge and some floss pressed together. Does a really good job of trapping big debris AND polishing up the water. Does need to be cleaned often though... about once a week.

7. Decided to go on a "zen" aquascape, I wanted it to look cold and peacefull. Lots of interesting rocks, with Java Moss, Java Fern, anubias. I don't remember the name of the plant on the right, someone know what it is ? Right now the plants are under 2x15w CFL 6500k and seems to be doing fine. I'm still looking for a floating plant, would like water sprite but it is not available where I am. I might go with floating wisteria. Any ideas ?

Fish are going in this week, since the Fluval C3 was on my 26gal aquarium and is fully populated with bacteria. I'll post some more pictures when I get them !

Any comments, advice, suggestions ?

AbbeysDad 05-01-2012 10:56 AM

Your tank looks nice.
For the benefit of others, it is not recommended to rinse/clean sand in a tub or sink. The fines (small sand particles) can remain in the trap and cause potential plumbing issues later on. The task is best done outdoors with a bucket and hose.

BWG 05-01-2012 03:50 PM

I like the tank! What fish are going to get?

I've never tried it, but I've heard the suggestion of putting playsand in a pillowcase if it's going to be rinsed indoors. No idea how well it actually works though.

Have you checked Aquabid for any sellers with water sprite? I know I had trouble finding some, but eventually I found a few places. I don't know that they ship to Canada though, so I'm not much help there.

Boise1024 05-01-2012 04:25 PM

Didn't know aquabid, I'll have a look.

You have a good point there AbbeysDad. I ended up putting some fine filter over my tub drain, as quite a lot of very fine sand was getting washed down. If I have to redo it it's going to be outside.

Byron 05-01-2012 06:04 PM

That looks nice, good work there.:welldone:

If you can't find Water Sprite locally, once the weather warms a bit more I don't mind mailing you some since you are in Canada, if you will cover the postage. PM me if interested.


Boise1024 05-03-2012 03:41 PM

I'm still looking for water sprite. I have a good relation with the manager at my local LFS, she will try to order some for me. If not, I'll contact you Byron, thanks for the offer.

An update on the tank as of today :

The first fish to go in were 6 Red-Eye tetra. Put them in last sunday, I already had them in my 26 gal. I don't know if they will stay in the 20g or go back to the 26g right now, mainly transfered them as an ammonia source to keep the bacteria going in the filter.

I then added 6 neon tetra. I already had those too, in my 10g. I might double their number, I really like the color they add to the tank.

Bought 10 purple harlequin rasbora yesterday. These fish are so fast, it was hard to take a good picture with my cell phone.

Today I also assed some brazilian pennywort I had in my 10g. It's not too pretty and tends to float down in the HOB flow, but it provides some shade for the tetras, especially the neons; they mainly stayed at the bottom of the tank until now.

I am waiting on a pair of dwarf gourami. They are in quarantine at the LFS now, might be able to get them tommorow !

I would like to get some bottom dweller. LFS has some panda cory, but it might get overstocked in there with them. I was also thinking RCS or ghost shrimp. Any ideas ?

Byron 05-04-2012 11:19 AM

I would not add gourami to this tank. There is a two-fold risk.

First, the dwarf gourami is a species that many suggest never be purchased unless you know the source--and by source i mean where they came from (the breeder, etc). These fish are notorious for carrying disease; this is mentioned in our profile. Many reputable stores will not even carry them now. Only yesterday I was reading a resonse in the Spring PFK from Dr. Neale Monks who suggested that this fish not be acquired.

The second issue is the tetra. Placing these with long-fin slow sedate fish like gourami can lead to fin nipping. The red eye tetra is well known for this, and even neon tetra will turn nippy in some situations.

There is nothing much worse than have an incompatible fish as it adds stress and that means disease.


Boise1024 05-04-2012 12:33 PM

I know about the gourami virus. That's why I had to special order the fish. Keep in mind my LFS is not your typical petco, it's a family owned business for 35 years, they have more than 8000 gallons of water and they'll never sell poor quality fish.

The red eye tetra have been moved back to the 26 gallons for fear of nipping and overcrowding. I will look after the neon.

Any advice about substrate fish/inverts ?
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Stormfish 05-04-2012 12:37 PM

Oh, I love your fluffy grey kitteh! The tank is nice too. :-)

Byron 05-04-2012 12:43 PM

I know about the gourami virus. That's why I had to special order the fish. Keep in mind my LFS is not your typical petco, it's a family owned business for 35 years, they have more than 8000 gallons of water and they'll never sell poor quality fish.

That's fine, but where do they get the DG? If it comes from SE Asia, forget it. If it comes from a reputable breeder in NA or Europe, probably OK.

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