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This is a discussion on Unfiltered Tub pond within the Ponds and Waterfalls forums, part of the Other Aquatic Environments category; --> When do you guys think I should add some tropical fish to my pond. The temperature is warming up here but it can still ...

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When do you guys think I should add some tropical fish to my pond. The temperature is warming up here but it can still drop down to 60 F at night, should I wait or can I add them now?
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I am interested in doing some kind of tub pond. What size would be appropriate for a comet goldfish or two?
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The goldfish should not be added to a tub pond. They are big waste producers and get to big for a tub pond unless you get a big plastic or galvanized water container meant for live stock like horses at a feed store. I have a friend that went to a feed store and got a 300 gal. plastic tub for her koi but that has a really good filter on that because goldfish and koi are waste producers and need very clean water conditions. The tub ponds that are on this are small. Mine is a 15gal. unfiltered and now has endlers in it. I cleaned it out a bit and found that they had babies it.

Mosquito fish are good, White Cloud minnows like cooler water, Mollies do well and Platies do well. My tub pond dips to about 60 and a little below that at night and they are all fine. You just have to slowly get them used to the water instead of dumping them in over a long period of time. I float the bag in first with the fish until the water gets the same temp. I then add a little bit of the tub pond water about 1/2 cup at a time and let that sit for 30 min. and then add another 1/2 cup and wait 30 min. and maybe within a hour or two they are ok to add in. It is always good to move the tub pond out of hot sun on really warm days. I have mine on a plant roller made for up to 500 lbs of weight that you can get at a nursery . It also had locking wheels just in case. I posted another picture of mine although it is in the beginning of this thread. This picture the tub is sitting on wooden blocks but it now on a sturdy rolling plastic roller that hold over 500lbs. You can get these roller on-line cheap or the Nursery sales them for about $35 just make sure that it can hold the weight of the pond with water and gravel as this weighs alot. Also if you just get 2 female livebearers they will have babies in that tub pond over the summer. You will not have to get a male as they are almost always pregnate.
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Originally Posted by Twitch View Post
I am interested in doing some kind of tub pond. What size would be appropriate for a comet goldfish or two?
You should be able to get away with a couple of comets in a 100 gallon stock trough. But if you want to do goldfish, you really ought to go with a pond. Livebearers, smaller cyprinids like danios and small barbs, hardier tetras (I have a buddy who breeds buenos aires tetras in a stock tank every summer), Cories, Paradise fish. All depends on the size of your tub, though. I got my 100 gallon tubs for, I think, about $80 each. You can get a 300 for about $200, or a 70 for about 60. The 50s are pretty shallow, but might be good for gouramis or mosquitofish.
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Well, my pond outside is set up and doing good. It has been set up for about 3 weeks now. I have some duckweed on the surface. I keep on taking some out because it always covers the top of the water. I also have three water hyacinths. I love them and my fish seem to love their roots. I also have a flowering rush. There is also a bunch of hornwort in there.The water is pretty clear.
I put all of my orange guppies in the pond. I left the leopard coloured ones in the aquarium. There are about 12-16 guppies in the pond and they will definitely breed I also put my two remaining swordtails and my two peppered cory cats. I am hoping the swords and the cories will breed and the fry will survive. The pond has no filter or pump. Here are some pics!:

Note: I took the pics before I added the hornwort, water hyacinths and took out some duckweed. I will take more pics in a few weeks when all the plants around are in full bloom
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Your pond looks really nice. You will be surprised at all the babies you will have at the end of the season. Just an update on my little 15 gal. tub pond. The 5 endler females are all alive still and I found a few babies in the tub so they must have had a few babies. I must have counted 5 of them. It will be interesting to see how many fish are in that tub pond before fall sets in. I may take it down in the early fall. I don't think the endlers will survive the winter time in that pond.
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Mine definately wont survive the winter because i live in Canada and it gets really cold in the winter here! I will bring them inside for the winter then.
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Old 06-19-2010, 11:06 PM   #48
Does anyone else have problems with tons and tons of bugs winding up in your ponds? My water lily finally starting growing at a pretty quick rate but in that time the water turned completely green, with tons of beetles and earthworms and spiders somehow falling in and drowning constantly(stupid things) Also a ton of mosquitos but I haven't decided on putting fish in yet anyway to eat them.
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I would put some type of fish in that tub pond. Just get 1 female platy, Molly, endlers at the pet store. Mosquito fish which are free in my area from the water dept. to control mosquitos in ponds. If the female is really fat then they are pregnate and at the end of the summer you should have baby fish in that pond if it is a livebearer fish. Get it used to your water and put it in. I did not feed my 5 endlers in my pond for a couple of months and they all survived and had some babies in their and my tub pond is small about 15 gal. They will control mosquitos and any small bug that falls in. I'm not sure how earthworms would end up in your pond unless it was put into a hole in the ground. Bug and earthworms will be like dead fish in your pond and cause your water to be high in Nitrate, Ammonia, Nitrite but if you have good water plants that absorb this then you should be ok. I had a problem with hair algae growing in my pond as it got to much sun. The water was clear not green I could see to the bottom. The hair algae was growing on the sides. I rolled my tub pond in a shaded area and my plants are growing better. I have Water Hyacine and water lettuce but found out that my water fountain inside was splashing water on them so it was not growing well so I took out the water fountain. If your pond is in the ground then you might have a slight problem with bugs going in it on hot days.

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Well my pond is one of those preformed ponds, not a tub, and so it is buried in the ground. I was planning on putting my platies in but I really don't want to lose them so I'm a little hesitant to put them in, but if I get any fish specifically for it I wouldn't have any place to put them, especially goldfish(they couldn't stay in there since last winter the water in it freezed completely solid all the way to the bottom) The earthworms actually only went in there after I cleaned it out at the beginning of spring, I haven't noticed any new ones, maybe they wised up, still plenty of beetles though but I can just skim those out everyday with a net I guess. Also, I have a bunch of baby java ferns in my aquarium, think they'd grow well if I tied them up to a bunch of rocks and stuck them out there? I just hope that the lily covering the water more now will keep down on the algae some, I cleaned it out again today and it's not clear to the bottom again but before I couldn't even see the stems of the lily leaves past an inch or so below the water.
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