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This is a discussion on Unfiltered Tub pond within the Ponds and Waterfalls forums, part of the Other Aquatic Environments category; --> So I start my project today. Will keep you updated....

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So I start my project today.

Will keep you updated.
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Started my tub pond today. From what the tub said, it holds 80 liters or water

Thats about 22 Gal.

I will post some pictures real soon.

This is a list of what I did today.

- Got an 80 liter container
- Selected a semi shaded area to place my tub
- Laid concrete tiles to set a platform
- Made an overflow outlet on the container
- Filled water and tested overflow outlet
- Treated water with an anti-chlorine chemical that allows you to add fish without cycling


List of things to do tomorrow

- add substrate
- add filter juice
- add live plants
- get more mollies
- add the fish
- Feed . . ..
- Enjoy my new, low maintenance setup.

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Old 04-05-2010, 01:32 AM   #23
I'm not sure about these small tubs you guys are running though. A large tub would be great, small ones are at risk to sudden temperature changes. A larger tub will maintain a temperture much better, it also gives fish room to pick what temp they want it. I filter that is mixing the water will cool the tank faster as well. Usually a large tub will stay warmer on the surface and cooler on the bottom, fish will stay out of areas that are too cold or hot. The temperature in nature is never perfect or unchanging either.

I asked on my local forum for a article that was about outdoor tub breeding, I can't find it now. I'm hoping someone else knows where it is. I'll link it to here once I find it.
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1 of my females gave birth within an hour after being placed in this setup.

So far I have 10 fry but the female is holding back fry and is in my 10 gallon.
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I made an interesting discovery!

The female that was holding back the fry was really stressed in my 10 gallon. I put her in the tub pond and a few minutes later she popped a few fry. She is still giving birth as we speak. I have placed a plastic fruit basket wich has tiny grid holes upside down in the tub so that fry have a safe cage separating them from the mean adults. So far I have counted 2 fry but I don't know how many others are there.

I have placed 4 of my fry born on 10/3/2010 in this setup. They are large enough not to get eaten.

So far everything seems fine. We experienced some rainfall yesterday so the pond nutrients are likely to be high.

I find it annoying that ants fall into the water from the tree. I have made a hole that functions as an overflow outlet to vacuum out all surface debris.

I couldn't take a picture because of the bad weather.




I feel like mollies spawn better in conditions that are much much cooler. Temperatures around 68-72 F are ideal! I have witnessed it today. I am not removing any more fry from the tub because I know that there will be overpopulation if i control the survivors.

I already have over 30 fry altogether and they are in the grow out tank now. As soon as they are big enough they will have to go out in the tub. I plan to get another tub started, just in case I have a serious problem i.e. overpopulation. No more mollies for me thank you!

Planning on getting another 50L tank and putting various Cichlids in. But this is the setup for now...

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Old 04-13-2010, 09:25 PM   #26
Got my tub filled up two weeks ago, just added some small plants - I'm in a much colder region that most of you, so I will have to wait until either end of May or June to put fish in (not even sure if the plants will make it).

I wanted a galvanized steel stock tank - but I could only afford the cheapest plastic one - still considering swaping it out because - I found a drowned RAT in my "pond" this morning! YUCKY!
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Old 04-21-2010, 01:17 PM   #27
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Alrightythen. In northern VA.

I have the following to go outside this year, all either unfiltered or with milimal filtration (a big sponge filter): a 120 gallon short (4x2x2) tank to grow out and maybe breed firemouths. I have been advised to put some paradise fish in there too. And I am planning on putting a couple of ancistrus.

2 Rubbermaid stock tubs, 100 gallons each. They're each getting one or 2 species of corydoras and either a livebearer or an egg scatterer (or both) - Thinking Orange Hatchet Danios, Vietnamese white clouds, rummynose tetras, or black ruby barbs for the egg layers, Montezuma or Mayea swords or Least Killies for the Livebearers.

Alternately, I have a pair of Laetacara curviceps that could go in one tub and some Blue Gouramis for the other.

Hadn't thought of Anachris - that's going in the tubs for sure. The Firemouths are getting hornwort because I am planning on adding some pelletized lime as a first layer of substrate on that one to keep the water hard.

Planning on putting one hyacinth in each and some salvinia to do surface CO2 exchange. If they need more water movement, I can run an airline out my livingroom window and put a sponge and/or a box filter in each.

Planning on doing weekly 50% water changes straight into the garden (one of the selling points to the missus is all that good nitrogen would help her tomato plants.)

Oh, this is in a northern exposure, and only gets full sun a couple of hours a day right around the solstice.

Cory species contemplated: Scleromystax barbatus, Corydoras panda, C. ernhardti, C. paleatus, C. Oiquapoensis, C sp. CW10, C sp. C-89 (I have all of these on hand), C. trilineatus, Brochis splendens (these I would have to buy - I have a great source for high grade brochis.) Possibly something odd (big auction this weekend.)


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There we go a 100 gal is much more like it. Be careful how many species you add if you want lots of fry to survive. With egg laying fishes I highly suggest seeding it with pond water or a daphnia and green water culture. Don't be afraid of other things living in their. Unless those ants are massive they should be fine fish food. Any insect larva will also provide good conditioning foods for parents. It is important to have the micro organisms like green water, daphnia, and other critters if you want good fry success.
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Having talked it over with my local cory guru and an imported xiph guru, I am putting Corydoras ernhardti (12) and Xiphophorus alvarezi (thought they were mayae. My mistake.) in one, and C.oiqapoensis (4 fish) and C. sp. C89 (2m 1 f) and X. montezumae in the other. I will put a week's worth of filter squeezins in there to get the water greening.

I think the 120 is just getting the Firemouths and my mated pair of Ancistrus. (I have a buddy who gets consistent ancistrus spawns and firemouth spawns in a 90).
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hi, I hope you guys don't mind me joining this thread :)

I have a 10 gallon tank with guppies, a beta, cories, amano shrimp and nerite snails. I plan on converting it into a saltwater aquarium and I need to rehome the other fish, I was thinking:
- beta, amano shrimp and nerite snails in a large bowl (2 gallons)
- guppies, cories in an outdoor pond.

I already have a pond in the backyard. It is about 60 gallons and it is pretty big. It has been in the yard for about 3 years with no filtration. All I have been using it for is aquatic plants (hyacinths and some other one) and also I can harvest 100-200 bloodworms from it every day. I wanted to put the guppies, the cories, some pond snails and some white cloud mountain minnows in the pond for the summer. I can put in a small heater if needed. In the winter i can either bring them in the house into a rubbermaid bin or a 5 gallon tank.

The cories always spawn but their eggs always get eaten. I tried to take some eggs out once but I put them into the community tank to soon and they got eaten. If they are in the pond I think many more fry will survive. I know with cories guppies and white clouds, I will probably end up with like 5 times more fish than I put in the pond at the end of the summer. I will bring most of the fish to the LFS and put like 2m/4f guppies, a small school of white clouds and about 6 cories back into the tank. Than next year repeat the process. I will however switch the fish up a bit to open up the gene pool, but otherwise, there won't be much of a problem.

I do have a cat and a dog, so I plan on covering most of the surface with hyacinths as I usually do. I find the hyacinths let enough light pass through to let other plants grow.

I will cover the bottom of the tank with gravel and aquatic plant soil. I plan to have the plants that are in there now and some more hyacinths, some hornwort, water lily, other fast growing oxygenating plants.

What do you think?

PS I had also thought of putting in sparkling gouramis.

PPS Oh ya and I forgot to mention that I plan on colonizing the pond with lots of daphnia before adding any fish.
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