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This is a discussion on Setting up a pond within the Ponds and Waterfalls forums, part of the Other Aquatic Environments category; --> Originally Posted by adiumroot Problem with my pond is that it's very hard to observe the fish up close unlike in a tank. I ...

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Originally Posted by adiumroot View Post
Problem with my pond is that it's very hard to observe the fish up close unlike in a tank. I try dipping my head with my face quite near the water (it looks like I'm drinking out of the pond) but the fish just dart away..
Now that would be a sight to see!
I'm sorry you're having problems. Hopefully it'll clear up soon before you lose any more fish. It's true that Ich has a short life cycle. The only way to be sure that all the Ich is gone (if you get an outbreak of it) is to not see any signs of it until 48 hours after the last visible white spot is seen. In a pond like yours I'm not sure how you'd be able to do that type of observation. Were it me (and it's not) I would be inclined to treat for the Ich, if and when it actually showed up.
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My mom actually saw me one time and got surprised thinking I was drinking out of the pond. I laughed and told her: "Why would I do that? I'm not a three-year old kid!" LOL

If another disease breaks out, I'm planning to put all of my fish in a 10 gallon tank for treatment, put the plants in a separate container (also medicated just in case parasites stick to them), and drain my pond and do some cosmetic changes in the meantime.

The fish should be back in the pond in 5 to 6 days. I hope they tolerate being cramped in a 10g for that long. Or I could place the goldfish in the 10g (4 of them 3-4 inches long each) and place the mollies in a different container, since they're the hardier ones.
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Sorry for double posting, but the edit option is already gone...

A molly has given birth! My female black and white molly went into hiding for almost 2 days, only coming out during feeding time. Last night, I noticed that it was no longer hiding. Today, after the afternoon feeding, I decided to inspect the pump intake, since I noticed a lot of debris has been gathering at the screen I put around the intake. I noticed something small moving. A closer look revealed a fry pecking on the debris for food! I immediately got my net and filled a gallon container with pond water. I was able to net two fry. I keep a small sponge filter soaking in my main filter, so I pulled it out and put it in my small 1 gallon plastic aquarium.

The two babies are now in that small aquarium. I hope there are more hiding in my pond. I searched the plants and didn't find any. The goldfish and adult mollies could have gotten to them first. At the earliest, the female molly might have given birth yesterday. Oh well, I'm still happy I got to save two of them. Who knows, more might still be hiding in the pond and they'll just surprise me when I see them quite grown up already.
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sorry things are not that great,but congratulations on the fry,
there could be fry hiding in the plants,however g/fish are very good at clearing
fry at the best of times,i found this when i had a pond.
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I actually found another one today. It almost got eaten, since it chose to come out during feeding time. And the largest goldfish was just inches away from gulping it. Good thing I spotted it and I was able to shoo the goldfish away and get a net and transfer it to the small aquarium. Now there's three of them!

Actually, I don't think being able to save all the fry is good. I mean, where would I put so much fish? Especially when they grow up.
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i wonder if the gold fish would keep the population in
check for you ?
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I think they would. I guess it serves as a treat for them. Kinda gruesome if you think about it since it's their pondmates' children but hey, that's nature.

And if I ever get too much mollies, there's the option of selling them as feeders. The LFS won't buy them back, as they have large populations of mollies in their tanks too.
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The Wakins and Bristlenose plecos are here!

They're currently in the quarantine tank, but I don't think I'll be keeping them there for long. Probably only a week or two, if no symptoms of disease pop out. I got them from one of the most popular/trusted fish importers here (his show-quality Ranchus are AMAZING. I just saw them a while ago) and the fish I got from him are probably healthier than what I already have. LOL Well, as long as both the old fish and new fish are healthy, I don't think there will be a problem.
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look forward to seeing them :)
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Pictures are here! They're kinda dark since I took them at night, with only my pond's spotlight and camera flash for lighting. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

I had to put the wakins in the pond since the QT suffered an ammonia spike. I aged the filter media (I'm using scouring pads in the QT's OHF and I attached an extra sponge to the pump intake) for a few days in my pond's filter but it apparently wasn't enough. The plecos are still in the QT and after I did a water change, the ammonia level went down to 0.25 and will probably go down more after a few water changes. A 15g can't handle two goldfish and two plecos.

My improvised veggie clip. It's just a plastic laundry clip and a small pot. I feed them blanched green leafies every other day.

My fishies love their veggies.

My pond bottom's a bit dirty since rain washes some soil in. It's not a big concern healthwise for the fish so no biggie for me. The blue dots are splashes of paint from when the exterior was painted. The guy we hired to help build the pond was a bit careless. They've dried already even before water was put in so they don't pose any danger to the fish anymore

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