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rosy red minnow care

how do you take care of rosy red minnows in a pond? what food?
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I don't think they're difficult. I once looked this information up for someone else and it was so straightforward I almost didn't post it. But they do need cool water, space and good oxygenation. And a combination of dry foods will likely suffice.

If you have a small pond, another good fish to consider is the neon rosy barb. I don't like the long-fin version, so I bought the regular ones. The males are a gorgeous red when seen from the top, and the females are silvery. Mine spawned in a tiny fiber glass pre-formed pond and I ended up with 50 fish that looked great in a 125 gallon tank!

thousands have lived without love; not one without water.

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I don't think I've seen a neon version of the rosy barb (maybe its just a male?) but rosy barbs are not red when viewed from the top. They are a dark olive color on top of their backs.

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Jaysee: You are correct: the normal rosy barb is olive on the back. Not a good ornamental pond fish. It has to be the neon version: that's exactly the feature of this fish that makes it so outstanding as a resident for a small pond. The males are red dorsally, as well. Several years back, Tropical Fish Hobbyist did an article on other aquarium fish besides goldfish for outdoor summer ponds. This fish won by a landslide. They tried african cichlids, too, and decided that the red zeb ras and yellow labs were really the only "good ones" for this purpose. Blue cichlids didn't show up at all.

The Neon Rosy isn't distorted or deformed or balloon bodied or souped up with long fins which are all things I really HATE about contemporary varieties of fish. But the males are incredibly beautiful from above in the neon red version. The only problem is having enough tank space for the progeny when they come indoors in autumn.

thousands have lived without love; not one without water.

W.H. Auden in "First Things First"

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