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pond fish

Hi! i am new,and I have a question.I have a 140 gallon pre-formed pond And right now I only have two gold fish that are waiting to get put in(because we just filled the pond with water)How many goldfish can I put in there??Also, will I need a pelco to clean the sides?? any suggestions??
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if anyone catches a mistake,please correct me.
what do you have for the pond besides the actuall pond itself. do you have a good filter, uv steralizer, and power head. if not, the pond will constantally get dirty and the fish will pass away. you also need a heater or the fish will freeze. i know you can put turtles, and numerous goldfish and koi in ponds, not shure about the plecos. can someone else contribute here?
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That happened to me last year.Both of my pelcos went missing and when we took the plants out of the pond we found them frozen .But all of our goldfish lived for 5 years,and the only reason that they died was because a bird ate them .Also,we never had a heater or any of that fancy stuff .All we had was a filter.We would add some alge preventer that my mom had and the alge never got to bad.The fish got huge and seemed happy,then they were eaten .We have had a pond for years and we have never had a problem with it getting too dirty.
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wow i never really tried a pond but because i believed the pond would get dirty without the right equipment and it would become a hassle
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Plecs need warmer temperatures than goldfish do. It's not a good idea to keep them together unfortunately. I must admit though that I know diddley-squat about ponds and so can't advise you on any other ways to control algae.
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OK.I got some plants including an oxygenator.I also got4 more goldfish but 1 died.All of the others seem happy.I used an old filter box as their hiding place.I dint get a heater or pelco but i am using algetone and it is helpin.Thanks again!!
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