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e mail the dnr

Your Department of natural resources or whatever they are called in Texas would be a valuable source for what is known to be in the stream. They keep records and do searches themselves. A letter or e mail with the specific location will surely get a response.

If you do not see much in the way of aquatic life there can be many reasons. Water quality...dissolved oxygen...water temp...seasonal flow

Is it a year round running stream? Where does it flow from? Where does it flow to? I have a river behind my home but there are only minnows and no larger game fish as the river has a waterfall at the discharge end so no fish come from downstream and there is a large lake upstream so the fish stay in the lake or if someone put fish in the river they would find their way to the lake.
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(I'm new here, so take my advice with a grain of salt)

If I was going to go about this, this is what I would do (other's ideas so far that I enjoyed are combined in to this):

1) Take a test of water quality. See what the temperature and pH of the water is. You may also want to test water hardness, etc.

2) You are going about this wrong. You need to change your way of thinking. You said you occasionally see life there. Well, what that means to me is that life occasionally passes by. Instead of introducing more life, what you want to try to do is create an environment that life wants to stay in. Make a mini-dam, like that one guy said, or dig a shallow pool in the stream. Plant some aquatic plants in it. Once the plants are established, introduce some daphnia or other native aquatic equivalent. That is assuming they don't already show up.

Over the course of a few years, you will have a small ecosystem. You'll find that at the very least a toad or two will have moved in. And you can probably introduce native species to your river pool with little issue.

As a side note, if you do decide to create a pool, think carefully about your entrance and exit. Try to create calm areas for the plants and microbey-things. For example, if you have a straight stream, and you dig a hole just on one side of it, you will create a whirlpool. I think your best bet might be to do something like this:

Uploaded with
This is all assuming that the pool is as deep as the stream, if you make it deeper, it will be calmer and have less eddies. Also plants will help calm it down, too.
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A stream...any stream is a wetland. It is against federal law to dig in a wetland without a permit from the Army Corp of Engineers. Its one thing to dig a farm pond on dry "upland". Its another entirely to dig a pond on a wetland stream. When the neighbors down stream see silted dirty water flowing by you best be prepared for a visit from the feds or your state wildlife agency. Fines are horriffic. I didn't know does not get you a pass. If you want to dig, build a dam or berm, re-route the sure you contact the army corp first and ask if a permit is necessary.
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Originally Posted by buckmanrules View Post
you best be prepared for a visit from the feds or your state wildlife agency.
There's also a good chance that you'd find yourself on the receiving end of a writ (or whatever the documents that start lawsuits are called in your jurisdiction).
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Good idea wh2o

When looking for a solution to an Aquarium problem go slow and change only one parameter at a time!
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